Search Engine Optimization

We have to become more responsible for our content if we are to achieve our goals for maximum Search Engine Optimization. Our content is meant to obtain more customers for us. The Panda update was not meant as a slap but rather a much greater emphasis on the quality of content. We previously found that the focus was mainly geared towards search engines and readers requirements were almost forgotten. The fact that it is not search engines that pay the bills, but customers that do, was not considered. Some will say that quality content is difficult to define with words, but we all recognize it when we come across it. With quality content being more effective for Search Engine Optimization most people find it difficult to create with the focus strongly on quality. The solution to this is to view any content as only one part of a whole. Content should be re-purposed for many different mediums. Quality content is easily able to be revamped and reused in this way. You should no longer be concerned with what Google wants, but rather shift your focus to the needs of your readers and customers.

Content should be developed around key-phrase research and no longer single keywords. Take the time to carefully monitor what your customers are showing an interest in reading, and what the most frequently asked questions are; questions that you are able to provide the answers to. The main focus should be on the type of content you require in order to keep your customers interested and well informed with regards to the products and services you are offering in the near future. Ensure that you share engaging stories or experiences about the products. This is the time to strategically plan ahead and base your content across different mediums. Utilize blog posts, ebooks, white papers and sales pages. Consider creating a whole series of blogs. Make sure you connect with social media like Facebook and Twitter every time you publish. Use backlinks and consider making videos or starting discussions. Track all your content with a calendar. Creating and working to a plan makes goals much easier to achieve.

Action steps should be part of your plan. This is a good time to evaluate all the current content you have. You may have far more to work with than you think. Consider a quick training session for your team to ensure that you are all focused on the same goals to achieve maximum Search Engine Optimization. Carefully consider the content that will work best for your team and set up an editorial calendar. Monitor and keep an extremely watchful eye on the content quality. Some have reported to have re-purposed their content up to 66 times, while still managing to maintain a high standard of quality. Go ahead and develop new content by using good quality content resources. Ensure that you add and create incentives that generate and prompt great feedback. Remember that to create quality content you need to get into the searchers head. Do your research well.

IMAGE CREDIT: Morguefile-Daisy