Seattle Seahawks: 2014 NFL Draft

They’re talking a lot about Seattle’s Front office, nowadays, where they’re wondering if the office would keep them guessing. But is it true?

In the last few years, we know how they are. Whether one doesn’t voice any opinion regarding SPARQ, but the chart matters. They want guys who are aggressive, defensive and determined. They want competitors who play with the enthusiasm and the determination that any opponent would want to see from the other. Being smart with all of the aforementioned qualities is also needed.

Let’s have a look as to why this draft class can be predicted to an extent.

Round 1 — Dominique Easley
It was disappointing for some when New England selected Easley at #29. He had the features of a Seahawk. He has briliant athletic qualities, quick, aggressive. He also came triumphant after two knee injuries. He is a leader and gains respect from his coaches and team mates. New England got one of the best.

Round 2 — Paul Richardson
Seahawks love tough competitors who raise the game to the peak of excitement. Seahawks didn’t spend much time in thinking about Richardson. Many people had assumed wrongly that Seahawks would want a receiver which would compliment what they already had.
Looking back, One should have been open to the idea thay they’d go for it.

Round 3 — Who is Justin Britt?
Justin Britt was picked at #64 for Seattle. Morgan Moses was on board when he was selected and Seattle had already passed Cyrus Kouandjio and Joel Bitonio . Many people also said, the he was the best late rounder. It was a pick which no one had predicted.
But the Seahawks needed an offensive tackle. This means that Tom Cable picks his choice. He knows what Seahawks need. It would have been surprising if he went for Morgan Moses. So instead he chooses The high school tackle and wrestler with a record of 45-0.

Round 4 — Pierre-Louis, Norwood & Marsh
Marsh was recruited by Pete Carroll around the USC days. He had a ten-yard split of 1.66. It was the most thought pick. He had all the things which Seahawks need. He has a gritty character, is athletic and pretty competitive.

Someone who follows Field Gulls writes would know about Pierre-Louis and his rating on SPARQ. He is a brilliant athlete and the perfect linebacker for the schemes of Seattle. With Malcom Smith becoming a free agent the following year, this pick wasn’t a surprise. If one looked at the stats, Pierre-Louis had the SeaHawk in him.

Rounds 5-7 — And they made the team!
This was predictable, as this is what they generally do. They picked a tall and athletic and defensive back Eric Pinkins. They also drafted a brilliantly defencive lineman Jimmy Staten and chose Garrett Scott, a SPARQ demon, with a fullback/running back Kiero Small.

All of these players carry the essence of being “Seahawky” in spirit and in skills. There are many in the drafts class who would fit in the bill. We can sort them out depending on their superpowers, as each one has that one quality which makes him a superhero. Now we just need to look at their tactics and target areas. So it all boils down to this. Even if there are players who we weren’t expecting, but it was more of a pleasant surprise as all of them carry the spirit of SeaHawks.

So let’s get prepared to buy those Seattle Seahawks tickets and charge!