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Secrets of the Master Magician – A Really Cool Gift for Kids!

Should the notion of getting your son or daughter an awesomely cool toy or gift happen to cross your mind over the holidays, you may want to give some thought to purchasing a magic kit. (In this post-Harry Potter age, most parents do.) If that’s the case, then you definitely must give due deliberation to Secrets of the Master Magician: An Apprentice’s Manual.

Needless to say, there’s nothing quite like being able to do magic. Simply put, illusions and magic tricks have always been popular with people of all ages. Stunning friends and family with deft sleight-of-hand just never gets old or boring. Contained within Secrets of the Master Magician are all kinds of marvelous tricks and illusions that will keep kids enthralled, whether as performers or spectators.

First of all, the kit comes with a lot of the typical magical implements, including a handkerchief, a magic wand, and a deck of cards. Furthermore, it includes the Apprentice’s Manual, which is a hardcover book containing detailed instructions for performing magic. (In reality, the kit comes in a box that is keenly designed to resemble a sorcerous spellbook.)

Moreover, the Manual provides – in clear detail – tips on how to conduct many acts of legerdemain. By way of example, you will find rope tricks, card tricks, coin tricks – the whole kit and caboodle. Also, the description of every trick includes full-color photographs that detail the necessary actions for finishing the various illusions. In brief, children receive cradle-to-grave instructions for every magic trick they attempt.

Needless to say, you will find an excellent variety of illusions in Secrets of the Master Magician, and it will take your child a lttle time to become profient with all of them. Plus, kids tend to want to execute magic tricks as soon as they learn them. In brief, this magic kit not only provides long-term entertainment value, but is practically guaranteed to keep kids interested for the foreseeable future.

To sum up, this magic kit would make an awesome toy or gift. To be honest, it only appears to come up short in one area: the book will help teens and kids learn the skills that could make them master magicians, but it does not give them the standard appearance we’ve all come to expect. There are no no white gloves, no top hat, no cape, etc. On the other hand, I genuinely do not believe that fact will have a real impact on the enjoyment that will be received from this products. In essence, Secrets of the Master Magician is a wonderful magic kit for the young and young-at-heart. It’ll offer superb long-term enjoyment for your entire family.

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