Secrets & Passwords of Freemasons

Do you ever wonder if Freemasons have a secret brotherhood? Most people think that they do. Guess what, it’s true, there are some secrets and they are:

  • passwords
  • grips
  • penal signs
  • wording of the rituals

The reason the Masons have passwords is it is a form of recognition between the members just like any other fraternity. Grips are another form of recognition between members. Look around and see how different races have certain handshakes! The penal signs are another form of recognition although I’m not sure what that is.

Most think that freemasonry is a secret society but it’s not. Now in some countries where freemasonry is suppressed by the government then they may practice a bit more secrecy. In any english speaking country, like America, all lodges and buildings are marked and listed in online. Their meetings can be found online too.

If there is nothing really secretive about the Masons, then what do they do?

They love to promote charity. They also fund homes for the elderly and programs that help children. Many lodges have charity events to provide the youth in the local area with scholarship funds. They also provide college scholarships to worthy young people.

Another contribution that the Freemasons make is volunteer support to many causes like funding medical research, giving blood, supporting hospitals and so many other charities to name them all would take up too much space!

The Masons are proud of their CHIP program. It is called the Masonic Child Identification Program and it offers free child identification kits to kids under the age of eighteen. The CD has all the information on if a child should be abducted that will give the police a head start in finding them.

Even though there are some secrets and passwords of Freemasons it doesn’t mean they are this big cult. They are just a fraternity of brothers who take their organization very seriously. They are proud to wear their Mason Ring that shows their dedication to the Masonic organization.