5 Security Features You Should Look For While Buying A Second-hand ATM

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If you have an ATM business for sale, you should always consider buying a refurbished ATM to resell. Buying a second-hand ATM is surely a profitable move for more than one reason. Machines from companies of repute that are refurbished generally adhere to good standards. They are not only economical but may just be laced with all the necessary upgrades. But before you invest your money into buying these, there ought to be some concerns that mustn’t be overlooked.

Since your concern would be to resell them, you must know that there are certain features people look for when they make up their minds to buy such used ATMs. The five security features that you should look for while buying a second-hand ATM are –

TCP or Transmission Control Protocol

This security feature of an ATM is connection-oriented. It is that protocol that ensures that all the internet work is carried out without any hitch. The connections indeed need to be robust enough to thwart any impending failures. Transactions bank on the online facility of the machines and any malfunction could mean an unsuccessful transaction that could put you in a vulnerable situation.

SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

Although, this one is no more than a simple ASCII protocol, its functions lie in accepting incoming messages and sending them to their designated addresses. It may be seemingly simple but holds a great amount of leverage so that processes can take place without any glitches.


This security feature is again a standard network protocol and is connection oriented. It helps in regulating flow control. And therefore, it is one such security measure that needs to be working in mint condition.

SNMP or Simple Network Management Protocol

This protocol comes into play when information is keyed in using the keyboard. It can therefore not be stressed enough as to how important it is to have the correct utility of the ATM.

ESL or Electronic Signature Lock

ESL is another security feature that uses patented technology to be applied to the hardware or the software of the ATM. There are times when impostors may have all the details like the access codes, passwords or the protocols that may breach the resources, in such cases, the ESL can come handy. It often will help identify the actual user of the account and prevent fraud.

It is often seen that such security measures are found in most of the leading ATM companies. It, therefore, also stresses the need to stick with the known and the better companies while buying the used ATM. A reputable company will also be answerable for the inculcation of all the security features before it resells the machine.

It is a given that refurbished or old ATMs are first dismantled, cleaned, tested and then reassembled so that they can be given to the next user in perfect condition. Hence, it is always advisable to be alert and cautious about the security features while buying the ATMs. The best thing would be to make a list of the features desirable and ensure that they can be found in the ATM that you wish to purchase.