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Security Incident Report Sample

When writing out a report it is important to include all the essential aspects of information, thereby using this guide and security incident report sample below, will act as a comprehensive checklist as you draft yours out. As with any report of this nature you need address the factual causes as to why the security incident occurred and then end it with a mechanism or system to be put in full effect almost immediately to prevent future incidents from occurring again.

Firstly Identify the Facts

  • You will want the date, time and exact location of where the incident has occurred.

‘On 3rd March, 2014 at 12:37 pm, on the left hand side of the entrance door of XYZ offices’.

  • Names of the individuals who were involved in the incident taking place, their jobs (& title), department they are situated in, and have a copy enclosed with the report of their version of events.

‘John Robertson, Sales Rep & Peter Gibson, Sales manager were involved in…[please find a copy of their accounts enclosed with the report] falling roof tile injuring them. Specifically three fell from the shop roof, injuring Mr. Gibson on his left shoulder, causing dislocation and a fracture to Mr. Robertson’s head’

  • Important: find out step by step the events leading towards the incident occurring.

‘Mr Robertson stepped outside, then followed by Mr. Gibson and engaged in conversation’.

  • Detail the environment either outside or inside (e.g. wires laid about, not enough lighting, noise levels and so on).

‘Outside was windy and loud — noise from traffic etc.’

  • What was occurring at the time, what event was happening?

‘They were having their lunch break’

  • What was done to resolve the situation, what kind of treatment was offered, by whom, how much long after? What equipment was broken?

‘Immediately, employee Sarah Hornshaw went to address Mr. Robertson and Mr. Gibson and rang for the ambulance to address both injuries caused. The material damage was simply the three broken tiles from the XYZ office’s roof’.

You can follow the rest of the security incident report sample in the italic parts.

Identifying the Sequence of Events

1. Before the Incident: Now you have established all of the facts in your report, you can write up the following aspects in a clear and collective manner. What happened before the incident occurred.

Two employees went outside the office, walking. Mr. Robertson stood outside first, then followed by Mr. Gibson, likewise Mr. Robertson first lit up a cigarette and then Mr. Gibson — the two then engaged in conversation, facing away from the entrance door. Mr Robertson the left of it, Mr. Gibson the right.’

2. During the Incident: Now what happened ‘in’ the incident. Exactly how the employee was struck? With were they hit? Were they stood, sat down etc.? Basically in as much detail as possible what actually happened ‘to’ the employee or employees.

3 tiles fell from the roof directly into the employees whilst having a cigarette break. One into Mr. Gibson’s left shoulder, dislocating it and another into Mr. Robertson’s head causing a fracture and bleeding.

3. After the Incident: What did they do? Hold their arms? Cry for help? etc.

Mr. Gibon held his left shoulder and cried for Sarah Hornshaw’s name, whilst Mr. Robertson used both his hands to cover his head, to hold the bleeding.

All you are trying to do here, is create a detailed picture to allow the reader to understand exactly what occurred, how it occurred and why it occurred. You can insert diagrams, images and annotations with photos to help provide a visual aid too.

In-depth Analysis

What caused the accident? Primary factor? Secondary factor? Other factors?

Sample Analysis: ‘The tiled roofs weren’t fully secure and the strong wind added extra strain causing them to fall‘.

How to Fix?

What needs to happen to ensure it doesn’t occur again? Employee training programs, evaluations, preventive maintenance, hazard analysis, engineering options etc.

The roofing will be fixed to a strong standard and quarterly strength evaluations for the roof, by professional roofers will be brought in‘.

The more detail you can write about and the clearer you can present the four aspects detailed above, the more in-depth an overview the reader will get from your report (and the better it will be). Get a second opinion before submitting it and get them to ask questions on aspects they think you might have missed. This security incident report sample will hopefully make your job a bit easier.

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