News Security measures for you

Security measures for you


Security measures for you

Security measures for you
• MAPFREAl park verifies that both doors and windows are closed.

• When parking in the street or in the driveway turns the wheels toward the curb or edge of the wall; this will prevent the vehicle be towed.
• Avoid hiding a set of spare keys inside the vehicle, as they can be located by thieves.
• If you have a garage, use it and lock both the garage door as the vehicle.
• Under no circumstances leave the vehicle ownership documents within it.
• Never leave your car running, even if only for a moment.
• Do not leave valuables in plain view, avoid the temptation to thieves.

It is suggested to bring a mica da copy of:
1. Title or registration plates
2. Policy number of your car
It also advises; keep the originals in a folder in the home or office, in an easily accessible place.

Copies of the documents can take your car in an envelope and bring them in the trunk under the spare wheel if you can.

Precautions when driving
• Activate their flashing lights when stopped if the breakdown and raise the hood to indicate that the car suffers a breakdown. Place triangles phosphorescent at least 20 steps before his parked car when you have a breakdown.
• In the rainy slow down and keep your distance from the vehicle in front of you.
• Drive carefully, do not drive when you have consumed alcohol.
• Today it is recommended not to drink any liquids while driving, be it coffee, water or soda because the simple fact of taking a can or bottle to his mouth while driving can cause a dangerous momentary distraction and increase the risk of an accident.
• Plan ahead for outings freeways, avoiding changing lanes abruptly.
• If you are taking the highway have your vehicle for a good operation of the brakes, tires, shocks, wipers and electrical system.
• The seat belt is not a whim, you can save your life. No use causes fine in utmost countries, Mexico is no exemption.
• learn that the great the speed, the added space is needed to brake in an emergency.
• Obey all traffic signs. The octagonal signs always mean: No parking signs are round: Restrictive signs symbolize Diamond: Yield rectangular signals give information about: local traffic rules.
• Always you turn the corresponding directional, 50 meters before turning into a corner or changing lanes.
• Only use emergency flashers and that abuse of these in street confuses other drivers increasing the risk of an accident.
• When entering or leaving a roundabout, respect the preferences of movement.
• Practice the courtesy to give way when crossing a street.
• Before starting a long journey we recommend: every two hours of driving, park your vehicle in a safe place and rest for 5-10 minutes. During this break, take some liquid and do breathing exercises and relaxation. Also walk around to activate the movement of his limbs. Try to eat as light before traveling. The digestion of fatty foods forces the body to decrease the oxygenation of the brain causing drowsiness that reduces the ability to concentrate.
• The optimal capacity of brake friction on a new car, and changing pads, begins after circulating the first 200 km. Before, we recommend more strongly stepping on the brake pedal.
• The wear of the friction material depends on traffic conditions and driving style. In town, you should check the thickness of the friction material every 5,000 km.
• Down a hill, we recommend placing the engine into gear lower speed. And the retention force of the motor is used without unnecessarily wear the braking system, as the brake pedal is depressed with greater intervals.
• When crossing water areas, heavy rain or after washing, the brake action may be delayed as they can be moistened or frozen (in winter) discs and friction material brake. Pedal operated often recommended to eliminate water waste and optimize the braking system.

• Accustom their children to ride in the back of the car, using their seat belts.
• Always follow the signs because it is a way of educating his example.
• Avoid using the phone at the time to go driving. If you need to make a call, park.
• Always carry in the glove compartment of his car, a Traffic Regulations in force.
• Never allow a child to circulate in the arms of an adult. It is known that in a frontal crash at a minimum speed of 55 km / h, due to shock forces, the weight of a 6 kg. increases to 120 kg. This would increase the chances that the child will suffer serious injuries.
• Before turning on the car engine, it should be noted that the driver’s seat has a rearward inclination of 15-25 degrees to avoid back pain. The elbows should maintain a gentle angle to facilitate blood circulation. Position the top of the head to make it to eye level. Finally fits mirrors (interior and exterior) as these vary from position easily.
• An optical language, as the traffic light, keep their effectiveness if all know and fully understand its symbolism: 1. 2. Follow Green Red Yellow Caution 3. High 4. Flashing yellow Preference circulation, but with caution.
• Flashing Red Drive with caution, but cede step Manual A good driver is not only driver who holds a license that certifies it as such. A driver has rights and duties known, respected and practiced.
• Try not to dazzle another driver with highlights.
• It makes signals to warn others what he will do.
• Always secure the mechanical condition of your car.
• He is always ready to provide the right of way to another car, a child on a bicycle or pedestrian.
• Handles without attacking or pressuring others.
• Do not drive too fast, it does not exceed cornering or going zigzagging among others.
• It has good manners and occupies your lane on the highway.
• Not interrupt traffic or parking in two rows in prohibited places.
• Driving with all applicable permits.
• Procure insurance against accidents and damage to third parties.


Security measures for you
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