Selected Money Saving Tips for European Travellers

Money Saving is the primary concern for travellers. For all those who are planning a travel to Europe this year, here are few tips to save on your pockets as a traveller.

Fly With Budget Airlines

Travellers are often budget conscious and this is the reason discounted European carriers are flourishing at high speed to meet the demands of such visitors. Ryanair is one of the leading airlines. Rival Easyjet is planning to add 30 more itineraries this year. Some summer fares for new flight running from Berlin to Dubrovonik is as low as $40 for one way and the deals are expected to continue through the fall.

Hunt for New and Affordable Airlines

Lufthansa has recently launched Lufthansa Italia. It offers non-stop connections between Milan, Malpensa and 8 European destinations that include Madri, Barcelona, Italy and other neighbouring countries. A round trip ticket from Milan to Barcelona will cost $112.


Board Cheap and Fast Train

The high speed rail network of Europe is still growing and has proven to be a boon for travellers looking for affordability as well as convenience. offers tickets from Madrid to Barcelona and from Milan to Naples for $169 and $122 respectively.

Hire a Car on Hourly Basis

Short term car hires is the biggest news in Europe. You can hire a car for just $45 per hour that includes taxes and insurance too from Hertz 369 is a program that allows travellers in Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy and UK to rent cars in 3-6-9 hour increments. Connect by Hertz is another service launched by them. The passengers can pick up vehicles from convenient points in central London and Paris at starting price of $5.12 per hour after they become members by paying $50 as annual fees.

Book Affordable Boutique Hotels

Travellers planning for a frugal trip to Europe are lucky enough with new affordable properties opening its doors. Hotel Indigo is the boutique brand of InterCOntinental Hotel Group and now has an outpost in London. CitizenM Hotel is about to open in Glasgow. Some online sources offer secret deals on hotels in London, Glasgow and many other cities in Europe. These secret deals help travellers to grab boutique hotels in almost 50%-discounted prices. Look for some suitable deals on