Self Defense for Women and Ways to be Prepared

Self defense for women and ways to be prepared reminds me of a story I was told about the clunking sound a woman’s purse made when she dropped it on a hard surface. The firearm that she kept in her purse was making the clunking noise. It’s unfortunate that we’ve come to that but I can’t say that I fault the lady for being prepared. Violent crimes against women are always in the news. Attacks on young women on college campuses are also increasing. I don’t see the situation getting better any time soon. That doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. I’m not encouraging vigilante justice but you should be aware of self defense for women and ways to be prepared.

Here are some self defense for women and ways to be prepared tips. If you live alone you should leave lights on in the house or apartment if you come home at night. You can buy timers to turn the lights on at a preset time before you get home. Buy a self-defense spray and or a whistle be sure to have them ready to use before you get out of your car. Take a look around before you get out of your car to make sure that there are no suspicious looking people hanging out in the area between the parking lot and your front door. If you don’t feel it’s safe to walk from your car to your place, try calling a neighbor to escort you inside. If you do decide to try walking in alone put your cell phone away and pay attention to what’s going on around you.

Take a self defense course by a trained and certified instructor. You can find self defense instructors on many of the large college campuses and at some YWCA’s. Some of the instructors on college campuses are students that teach self defense for women and charge a small fee to help pay for their college expenses.

Install an alarm system and use it every time you come and go. Alarm systems are more sophisticated today allowing you to use cameras inside and outside your place. You can use your cell phone and alarm system cameras or a Nanny Cam to get a look inside your place before you go inside. You can even use your keys as a weapon if necessary. If you hold your keys in the palm of your hands and make a fist with one or two of the keys sticking out between your fingers you have a pretty effect means of self-defense if you use it without reservations. Buy a dog for the companionship and as a guard dog to help protect you. I won’t tell you to buy a firearm but if you decide to get one, you should also get trained to use it by a certified instructor and get a permit to carry it. When people here a clunk when you drop your purse on a hard surface that may be all the self defense for women you need.