Self-Discipline, Break Bad Habits and Stop Procrastinating

Self-discipline, break bad habits, and stop procrastinating is something I dearly want to accomplish so I can earn sufficient income as a freelance writer. I like the idea of working at home.

I currently am reminding myself of Steve Pavlina’s five pillars of self-discipline. The key remembering it is the acronym A WHIP.

A stands for acceptance, which is to accept the skills that you have, and understand there is room for improvement on any of them.

W stands for willpower, which is a temporary boost to actually work towards your goals in life.

H stands for hard work, which means to attempt to accomplish challenges.

I stands for industry, which involves allotting some time to do some things for you. The goal is to avoid having a big mess to organize.

P stands for persistence, which is keep on focusing on the actions you need to take no matter what your feelings are.

If there’s something that is unclear, you can just go to
and read Steve’s long-winded descriptions and examples of the five pillars that should help to discipline yourself.

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Big Changes Since 2008

In 2008, I was too lazy to type in titles, descriptions and tags for my pictures that I uploaded to my Flickr account. Now, I’m more willing to do the work. Well, it’s not really work because I like just a little bit of working on my photos. What helped me make it easier for me to have the willpower to do them is I’ve been constantly writing articles for various websites since March 2010.

During the winter of 2010, I slept a lot through the cold winter mornings. I was too lazy to wake up early. Now I have an easier time waking up earlier than say 11:00 AM. I currently get myself to look for a job early in the morning at a non-profit organization. I set my alarm clock to go off at 6:45 AM, and then I take two buses to get to my destination. It takes about an hour and fifteen to get to place in Los Angeles.

I am fond of being creative

One day I would to change A WHIP to something else that has my imprint. I like the idea of being creative. In fact, I think it would be an aspect of art. In fact, I recommend anyone who has the vision of being self-disciplined, breaking bad habits, and stop procrastinating to create their own words of wisdom.

To help constantly remind myself and chant whatever concepts I want to learn, I shall write down the information on paper. Bring the paper to wherever I go should enhance the process of reaching the goal(s) I want to accomplish. Actually, I believe I will be always working on self-development because I will always evolve and things change. It’s a never-ending pursuit of preventing me from being complacent.

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Proud of Myself

Since I started to work on being efficient, I figured out how I can bring myself to do some writing. The solution is to take out my supplies: pencil, eraser, papers, and folder on any spot where I can notice it as I linger around the house. If I place everything in my backpack, it would be very easy for me to procrastinate on writing even though I enjoy the activity. We will see if I am able to be self-disciplined, break bad habits and stop procrastinating.