Self Improvement

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Everyone notices something about themselves that may need fixing here. Whether you’re trying to improve your physical appearance, jump start your career, or furthering your education, you must first charter a course as to how to go about it.

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To improve your physical appearance, consider getting a membership at some fitness club or spa. 24 Hour Fitness and Bally’s are some of the more popular choices. You may decide to hire a fitness trainer to teach you various exercise routines that you may try to do on your own later. Go to GNC to buy nutritional supplements. Consider taking daily vitamins such as Omega-3-Fatty Acids and B-Complex. Eating Quaker Oats Oatmeal for breakfast is a wise decision. Eating a granola bar after your workout is good for your health too. Casual running before and after work may work wonders for you.

Be thorough at work and expect to get a raise and/or promotion. Companies appreciate dedicated employees. Consider opening a business of your own, someday. That’s also known as (AKA) sole proprietorship.

If I retire at a young age then I may consider going back to the National University to further my education. I thought about pursuing a PhD in Physics.

By working on various aspects of your life you can expect to become well-rounded. You can expect to attract individuals from afar and create your own social network. Plan and act accordingly while trying to improve the different aspects of your life. Get others involved so that they can improve too.

First, I’d like to improve as an athlete. My dream is to be a starting pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels of the Major League. My top speed as a pitcher is 95mph without any control on the ball. I’ve yet to hit the weights. I believe I am capable of throwing much faster, not to mention having more control on the ball.

I’d like to get married some day and raise three kids of my own in a big house with plenty of space to grow. I’d like for my children to have good family values. I’d like to teach them how to read and write and insure that they’re proficient in life.

I see myself as being a Professor later in life or some kind of researcher. I thought of being a researcher at NASA, per sé.

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