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Self-Troubleshooting: How to Do the Best PC Tuneup Service for Your Computer?

Is your PC delivering troubled performance? Maybe it’s time to take your system to an electronic or PC repair store to get it optimized. But before you move forward with that, read the article and learn how you can get the best PC tuneup service without paying anything to an electronic store.

Market trends reveal that on an average, you require paying around $49.99 for in-store PC optimization or PC tuneup service. But if you are ready for a simple technical learning curve and willing to put your efforts, then you can personally offer the best PC tuneup service to your computer. Read below to learn about the different ways of optimizing your system and its performance.

1. Update Windows

The operating system of your PC is the powerhouse that enables your device to do such big tasks for you. But the cyber bullies on the Internet are looking forward to corrupting your operating system. And they =become successful by releasing malware that can attack Windows of your system. That is the reason Windows manufacturer, Microsoft, keep on releasing Windows updates. These updates are immune against the security loopholes that the attackers have identified and can use to intrude your OS.

When Microsoft releases a Windows version, intruders analyze that version to recognize the loophole. Then they create malware to attack those loopholes. Microsoft encounters such malicious attacks by releasing Windows updates. Thus, to clean up computer from malware attracting loopholes, you must install the latest Windows updates.

You can easily update your Windows, from the official site of Microsoft. Check the official site for the available updates, download them and then install them on your system. However, the modern versions such as Windows 8 and 8.1 get automatically updated.

2. Free up Space by Removing Junk and Unwanted Files

After years of usage, your PC gets piled up with unwanted or junk files and registry keys. All these unwanted files hamper the performance of your PC. Thus, you need to do a PC clean up. You can use the free PC tuneup utilities to clean all of those junk files your PC. If you get a good PC tuneup utility installed on your computer, then the software will do timely PC clean up. It will free up disk space by removing junk and unwanted files. Additionally, the utility will also clean registry keys, defragment the drives and do various other optimization techniques.

There are many such free tools available- CCleaner is one of the highly popular one. A few more PC tuneup utilities are Anvisoft PC Plus, SlimCleaner, WinUtilities Free Edition, Auslogics Disk Defrag, etc.

3. Optimize Startup

If your Windows starts up very slow, then that is highly irritating. To resolve the issue, you need optimize the startup process. For doing that, perform the following steps:

• Open the Task Manager

• Click the ‘Startup’ tab.

• From here, you can control and arrange your Startup Programs

• You don’t even require installing any other software.

4. Defragment Your Computer

For a smooth PC performance, you need to keep your systems drives defragmented. Defragmenting the drives is very important in order to avoid hard drive failure. A solid-state drive, don’t need to be defragmented, but it is imperative to fragment other types of hard drives. However, defragmenting the drives is not a difficult task, if you have a PC tuneup software installed on your system. This software defragments the hard drives at regular interval. You also get the flexibility to schedule a specific time for defragmenting your hard disks.


Apart from executing the steps mentioned above, you should also install an antivirus program on your computer. Keep it updated and run regular scans to avoid any major security breaches. Keeping your PC tuned up or optimized is not a challenging job. If you install the best PC tuneup software, then little is left for you to do on your own. But, you must check for Windows updates and also manually check the operations of the antivirus software and PC tuneup utility.

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