Sell Mobile Web Pages To Businesses? Simple Survey

A new business survey shows that three-quarters of small businesses have still not designed web sites for mobile devices. As for mobile users, more than 80 percent of smart phone owners are looking for Internet information on their mobile devices, according to a survey released by software developer Sarif. By looking at these two numbers, it’s evident that there’s a huge demand for an information product that is not being supplied by small businesses.

This is classical economics 101where demand far exceeds supply. That translates into a great moneymaking opportunity for web designers willing to provide mobile web page designs.

As with any moneymaking possibility, though, barriers exist. For example, only about 10 percent of business owners see a need for offering a mobile version of their desktop web pages. In addition, about 40 percent of businesses say they won’t offer a mobile design of their site if the endeavor is too complicated or too expensive.

These statistics tell web designers that they will need to engage in creative and persuasive salesmanship in order to convince entrepreneurs to buy a mobile presence for their business Web designers can begin to break down resistance by using the information from this survey.

Web designers will need to tell businesses that their consumers are using mobile devices to seek out products and services Consumers are also making buying decisions based on Internet information given to them on their mobile devices. Designers must inform business owners that web sites now need to meet the viewing requirements of mobile devices. Finally, businesses must be convinced that they will be one step ahead of their competition, based on the survey percentages above, by offering web pages that are viewable on mobile devices.

Mobile users will award points to businesses that meet them on their devices. A mobile web site can convey professionalism and earn credibility. Company branding will also be enhanced via a mobile site.

A vast territory waits in the business community that web designers can mine for profits on the other side stands a large audience that’s waiting for information manufactured from those small business resources.

Web designers can develop this opportunity in one of three ways:

1. The sale of mass-produced, inexpensive mobile web page templates.

2. The creation of mobile web sites for individual businesses.

3 Retooling the web business to offer responsive web design pages that show the same web pages on all devices.

Clearly, a large gap exists between the types of web pages businesses are currently offering versus the amount of information that mobile users want. By carefully exploring this mobile information gap, web designers have an opportunity to enhance their bottom line.

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