How to Sell Unwanted Books for Cash – Quick!

If you’re into books like I am you probably have a large collection pre-loved books you have already read dozens of times and no longer have any need for. Like me, you have probably toyed with the idea of taking those lazy things to eBay and selling unwanted books for cash. I can tell you from personal experience that selling books for cash on eBay is an absolute nightmare!

Taking photos of each book, setting up auctions and writing copy for each auction is hardly worthwhile when you will be lucky to get five dollars a book. And after you pay for postage it’s very easy to come out of the whole experience with a net loss. I have also tried selling used books on Amazon, also without much luck, the ridiculously low prices they offer for your pre-loved books just makes you want to give them away for nothing!

All of this I found very frustrating until I found a better way!

I did some online research and found an award winning website which made selling your unwanted books for cash.

It virtually takes only five minutes and the site even pays the shipping for you.

What I found really impressive is that that you can get prices for each book you want to sell right off the website in minutes, and then you can decide whether you want to take them up on their offer.

I have not only sold all of my pre-loved used books for cash but also when I have some free time on a weekend I like to visit local garage sales and flea markets to see if I can make a few extra dollars selling other peoples books for cash.

It’s a great system this website has and I have made quite a bit of money from acting as a book merchant selling used and unwanted books for family and friends which find it too sell their books for cash online.

Some more great info on how to sell your unwanted Books for Cash.