Selling Old Magazines Online

Where to Sell Old Magazines
The first thing to consider when selling old magazines online is where to find buyers. Some sites are known for cheap deals and other are more known for high quality product. Check the quick list below to find some of the best places for selling old magazines online.
1. eBay
Some collectors do not recommend selling on eBay to start out since you will likely not get the prices you are seeking. If you are a beginner at selling old magazines online, then do not use eBay’s auction method. If you have the inventory, it would be best to open an eBay store and promote your items online. Most antique magazine dealers only recommend eBay auctions for sale if you are looking to move a large number of magazines quickly.
This site is a bit rough but it can give you a decent idea of what some people are willing to pay for old mags. For those starting out this may be a good place to get good information. Remember, do not start selling old magazines online at a particular outlet if you don’t like the prices you see items selling for already. This is a great site for people who have more current magazine collections. If you are selling old magazines online that were issued after the 70s, this will likely be a good place to consider.
3. Antique Auction Websites
There are a number of auction websites that cater to collectors and dealers such as These sites cater to more professional buyers and you will find devoted collectors trolling the pages. If there happen to be more desirable pieces in your collection then these are the sites to sell on. These buyers will know the value of your old magazines and will offer you a competitive price (if bidding applies).

Where to Buy Old Magazines
If you don’t have quite enough inventory to begin selling old magazines online, you will need to find some good places to buy magazines. The best way to make money selling old magazines is by purchasing in bulk. There are pros and cons to this strategy but if you go about it with a keen eye and a prudent budget, you may be able to make some money selling old magazines online.
If you are looking to buy bulk or wholesale antique magazines, the best place to go is eBay. You will want to look hard to find samples that do not appear too beat up. Many sellers use lots and bulk auctions to get rid of their less desirable or mangles titles. It won’t be easy to find good lots and you may have to wait on some but this should be your best bet. (Aside from actual auctions but this is an article discussing the best places for selling old magazines online.)

Remember to research the collectibles market in general to help you buy and sell old magazines online.

The Best Place to Sell Old Magazines
The absolute best place for selling old magazines online is auction websites that cater specifically to antiques. If you have valuable magazines in your inventory or collection, bypass eBay and head to some of the antique auction sites mentioned above.

Reference this short list when you need some ideas on where you could be selling old magazines online.