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Selling Your Phone Here Are 5 Things You Should Consider

In the tech savvy world, selling old smartphones and upgrading to the latest ones is an on-going trend. We have a lot of data and information in the current smartphone. The mini keeper has kept all our information from videos to images to PDFs, contacts, messages safe. Hence it becomes important to be sure that there is no personal information left in the device before you sell your phone. We usually sell the phones in a hurry without keeping much track of any data that could possibly be gone with the old handset. Hence it is important to make sure to sell the phone to a trusted seller, like Klymen and also to consider these five factors before selling your smartphone.

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  1. Back-up your entire data

One of the first and the most important things before selling your old smartphone are to take a back-up of your entire data. This will help you create a hassle free copy of your important data and prevent it from getting lost with the phone. Also backing up your data helps you to transfer the entire copy that was backed up from the old smartphone to the new one instantly, if synced with the Google accounts or any other website that gives the back-up options. This also reduces the tedious work of first transferring the data to a computer and then re-shifting it to the new device. There are auto back-up data softwares that are also available in the market so as to keep the data safe and secure.

  1. Take out all external add-ons

Before selling the phone one must be cautious about striping the entire phone down. The usual contents are the SIM and the external memory storage. The SIM has your number and probably some more information like contacts and the text messages saved on it. Hence the SIM should be handled with care and should be removed before handing over the phone. The micro SD card should also be demounted from the phone and taken away. Most of the data gets saved on the memory card and hence a lot of vital information can be lost if the phone is not properly stripped down.

  1. Disable Activation Lock

Disabling the activation lock is one of the key features and yet the most neglected one. It is important to check the activation lock out as it will not let the data get cleared if not deactivated. This step is especially important for the iOS users. If the activation lock is not turned off, even if the data is cleared from the phone, the phone will still need your user ID and password and even after selling it, another device would be linked to your account. For a hassle free experience for both, the seller and the buyer one must disable the activation lock.

  1. Reset Factory Settings

After striping the device out and wiping out all your data, the best thing to do is to reset the factory settings. This will help clearing all the things (in case anything left) and will bring the phone down to the initial settings as it came from the manufacturer. Resetting Factory Settings will help you be sure enough to keep the phone clean and not sharing any important data with your buyer.

  1. Include all accessories

We usually tend to ignore these small things but they are a good gesture while selling your phone. You must include the necessary accessories like charger and ear-plugs while handing over your smartphone. This will also help the buyer to purchase the phone without much hassle. Also let the buyer know about any important information regarding the battery or the charger or any other device, if needed.

While selling your smartphone if the phone is in a proper condition it also increases your credibility as a seller. By considering the above key points one can be sure about everything that is needed and important before handing the gadget to a third party.

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