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Sending flowers for a funeral: How to get it right

When someone dies, whether it is a family member, friend, or loved one of a family member/friend, you might want to send funeral flowers to express your sympathy. The most popular flower arrangements for funerals include crosses, wreaths, baskets and large standing sprays and casket spays. However, some people prefer to send bouquets to the family to show they are thinking of them at this sad time. Here are some tips to send funeral flowers in the right way, and avoid getting it wrong.

Importance of getting the right florist

Hiring a florist can help you with arranging a bouquet to send to a funeral. They will want to know the date, the location, age and name of the deceased, as well as the time of burial. Your florist can help you choose flowers that express what you’d want to convey in this difficult time.

Adding a personal touch

To start off, always make sure to include a personal touch when sending funeral flowers. Be sure to include a brief note that expresses your support and sympathy. It doesn’t need to be long, just make it sweet and short. It will depend on how well the bereaved know you. You don’t have to personalise if you didn’t know the deceased that well. It’s always advisable to go to the funeral if possible, even if you’ve already sent flowers. This provides the family with warmth and encouragement in a difficult time.

When and where to send flowers

It’s okay to send floral arrangements as soon as possible after you hear of someone passing. Sometimes you learn about a passing the same day, but sometimes you don’t know until after the funeral. You can still send flowers if you if you get to know of the loss after the funeral. With regards to where flowers should be sent, there are no hard and fast rules regarding where to send funeral flowers. You can either send flowers to the funeral home or to the deceased’s family home. If you choose the former option, check to see what types of vases the funeral home allows.

Types of flowers to send

When choosing a floral arrangement to send, consider the personality of the loved one who has passed away. Be creative and make the flowers special by including the person’s favourite colour, favourite flower. If you’re not sure of how the arrangement should look, consult your floral designer. Fresh flowers are Sydney florists who pride themselves on offering the most tasteful and sympathetic funeral arrangements. Traditional floral arrangements include both white and red roses, sprays to lay on the casket and standing sprays to be arranged around the casket, but as mentioned previously, bouquets for the family are a good idea to show them you’re supporting them as well as mourning their loved one.

The scents and colors of flowers you send will depend on how well you knew the person who has passed away. It’s best to send flowers that match the deceased’s personality or favorite colour. Lilies, orchids and white roses are symbols of hope. Carnations, sunflowers, and bright, vivid gerbera embody warm, sweet memories. White symbolises innocence and purity, while pastel colours symbolise tenderness. It’s entirely up to you what you choose, but it’s a good idea to try to send a message with the types of flowers you choose.

Sending flowers for cremations

This is a question that is often asked. It’s still okay to send flowers even if the person is, or has been, cremated. Send flowers to the venue of the cremation or to the person’s family house. Treat it just like a traditional funeral.

The most important point to keep in mind when sending flowers for a funeral is that you’d like to provide comfort to the bereaved, so ensure that your choice of flowers is something they’ll find comfort in, and shows that you do feel the pain of the loss.

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