SEO Glossary: P

This SEO glossary page lists SEO terms related to article writing starting with letter P.
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  • Page saturation

Page saturation is an SEO term referring to a number of pages recognized for your web site by search engines.

  • PageRank (PR)

PageRank (PR or quality score) is a method by which web pages and web sites are ranked in Google search results. Normally, a PageRank of 4-5 is considered a good PageRank, 5-7 very good, and 8+ an excellent PageRank. How PR is derived is a closely guarded secret. Some of the elements that are known to affect PageRanks are: domain names and URLs, page content, link structure, usability and accessibility, tags and page structure.

  • Page view

In SEO terminology, a page view (or page impression) is a request to load a single HTML file (or page) of an Internet web site. On the Internet a page request would result from a user clicking on a link on another page pointing to the page in question. The term page view differs from a hit (which refers to a request for any file from a web server).

  • Path

A path is the route that a user visits moving around through your web site or web pages while visiting.

  • Pay-per-click (PPC)

Pay-per-click is a keyword advertising program in which ads are placed on different web sites based on targeted keyword matches. Based on this program, advertisers are charged every time a user clicks his or her ad.

  • Phrase match keywords

Keyword matching options are an important component of keyword generation. Phrase match keywords trigger appropriate ads when a keyword phrase is entered into a search engine in the same exact phrase sequence. If a user enters additional words before or after a quera based on the main search, the same ads will be triggered. However, a different word order in a phrase will trigger different ads. For example, the keyword phrase ‘SEO books’ triggers ads associated to this context or search also if the user enters keywords phrases: ‘buy SEO books online’ or ‘top 10 SEO books.’ But, if the user enters the phrase ‘buy books about SEO,’ then different ads may be triggered.

  • Press release

In SEO terminology and link building strategy, SEO press releases provide the benefit of generating buzz and lots of web site traffic. A press release is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something very important.

  • Product words

In Internet marketing, product words are specific keywords used by people when searching the web with the intent to purchase or buy a given product.

  • Profile

On the Internet, a profile or userprofile is a collection of personal data associated to a specific user (usually in online communities) and it is used to provide a description of the characteristics of the user in question.

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