SEO Glossary: Q

This SEO glossary page lists SEO terms related to article writing starting with letter Q.
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  • Qualified traffic

Qualified traffic or qualified visitors are those visitors who are more likely to reach a conversion goal you’ve set up for your web site. Qualified traffic tends to be the traffic that the Long Tail keywords draw; Long tail keywords are more specific and will probably draw smaller amounts of traffic, but this kind of traffic usually translates into making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter or a mailing list, or any other conversion goal.

  • Quality content

Quality content is the kind of content which is unique, SEO-friendly but primarily written for people (not search engines), with proper keyword density and placement, latent semantic content included, and kept fresh. Read more about: What Is Quality Content? or How to Write an Effective Article?

  • Quality link

The characteristics of a high quality link are: trustworthy source (links form high authority sites, such as .edu, .org, or .gov are high quality links), hard to get (search engines put more weight on links which are not easy to get), coming from old authority resources (aged),and related to the content on the page. If these links are also anchor text links, the chances are evn better for those links to be recognized as high quality links.

  • Query

A query is a keyword or keyphrase that a user enters into a search engine. In computing, a query is defined as a precise request for information retrieval with database and information systems.

  • Query interface

A query interface is usually associated to the term search engine. The query interface is the page, or user interface that online visitors see when they navigate to a search engine to perform a search or query.


Quintura is a visual-based, interactive semantic search engine that features an interactive search cloud (map) with images to refine searching Quintura offers. Quintura is an excellent source for latent semantic content keyword research.

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