SEO Glossary – SEO Terms: N

This SEO glossary page lists SEO terms related to article writing starting with letter N.
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  • Natural language

In Internet and SEO terminology, natural language refers to online searches based on the same words and phrases that users would use in everyday communication with people in real life. Natural language used in search queries gives different results than Boolean search queries even when the same search engines are used. Both these concepts are considered characteristics of search on the Internet.

  • Natural language capabilities

Natural language capabilities – an SEO term referring to the ability of a search engine to retrieve web pages based on search queries performed using natural language.

  • Natural language processing

Natural language processing (NLP) is a field of computer science and linguistics (acoording to some, computational linguistics) concerned with the interactions between computers and human (natural) languages. NLP algorithms are based on machine learning, a abranch of artificial intelligence, especially statistical machine learning.

  • Navigation bar

A navigation bar (links bar or link bar) is a sub region of a web page that contains hypertext links or icons in order to navigate between the pages of a website. Navigation links or icons are usually arranged along the top of a website or in a row down the left side bar. They play important roles in directing crawlers to the site’s most important content and drawing traffic to pages on a deeper level.

  • Negative keywords

Negative Keyword is a form of keyword matching used by Google AdWords advertisers who would like to cause a PPC ad not to be shown. Using negative keywords means specifying terms you don’t want your ads to be associated with. For example, your website sells Huggies; in order to avoid having Pampers baby diapers ads shown on your website, you’ll add the word ‘Pampers’ a negative keyword.

  • Negative SEO

Negative SEO is an act of lowering the rankings of a website or page in the SERPS. the common reasons for performing negative SEO are: downgrading competitors’ sites, burying bad news about yourself or your company (also called Search Engine Reputation Management), and attacking websites with targeted negative SEO (for example, negative SEO performed by some animal rights groups against animal testing firms).

  • Niche

In Internet marketing, a niche is a segment of the market on which a specific product is focusing; affiliate marketers use niche techniques on their websites to serve a targeted customer base and provide a small but regular income stream. The expense of online advertisements increases according to the popularity of the keywords used, so instead of focusing on big niches, it would be smarter to find niches based on lower cost keywords (long-tailed keywords).

  • Nofollow attribute

A nofollow attribute is an HTML tag that tells search engines not to follow a specific link or set of links on a web page. It was originally developed to prevent excessive spamming on blogs, but nowadays it is used for building relevancy, preventing PageRank passing and protecting copyrighted material. Google’s claims that it doesn’t take links with a nofollow attribute into consideration in its ranking algorithm, but it is highly probable that search engines still see those links. Moreover, since search engines want to see a natural growth in a website’s linking patterns, it would be a wise strategy to build both nofollow and dofollow links.

  • Noframes tag

Noframes tag is an HTML tag indicating the content of a framed website but ignoring the frames. It is an alternative non-framed HTML on a frameset page for very old, non-frames capable web browsers and search engine spiders. A framed web site using noframes tags is considered not to be search engine friendly.

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