SEO Glossary – SEO Terms: U

This SEO glossary page lists SEO terms related to article writing starting with letter U.

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  • Unethical SEO

Unethical SEO techniques, also known as Black Hat SEO, are illegal, deceitful and questionable search engine optimization techniques. For example, unethical SEO involves using hiddent text on web sites, keyword stuffing, doorway pages, etc.

  • Unique visitor

Unique visitor or unique user is ‘an IP address plus a further identifier’ (IFABC Global Web Standards; source: Unique users is a common indicator of the popularity of a website, measured usually over a month. It is an identifier of a computer, not a person.

In Google Analytics, the unique visitors (or absolute unique visitors) report represents the number of visitors to your website counted only once over the course of a specified time period. A Unique Visitor is determined using cookies. See also returning visitor.

  • Updating

In article writing, updating or editing your web pages is extremely important because content that updates and changes frequently draws both visitors and search engines. It is especiall important to check your web pages for potential broken links as these can cause a drop in the search engine result pages.

  • URL

In computing, an URL (uniform resource locator or universal resource locator) is a specific character string that constitutes a reference to an Internet resource. Every web page on the Internet has a specific URL. URLs can be static (they don’t change) and dynamic (a changing URL generated from specific queries to a site’s database, for example, an Amazon link).

  • Usability

In SEO terminology, usability is a term referring to how the user navigates through and uses a web site. Usability has a high impact on SEO, especially from the perspective of links and time to upload.

  • User experience

User experience is a term for user behavior while on a web site; it refers to how simple is a web site to use or navigate, can the user find the product or iformation he or she is looking for easily, how quickly does the user jump back to the search page (bounce rate), does the user interact on the site, etc.

  • User session

User session is the session of activity that a user with a unique IP address spends on a Web site during a specified period of time. It is used to measure the amount of traffic of a Web site.

  • User-generated site

A user-generated site is a web site that includes digital media technologies such as forums, blogging, article writing, question-answer databases, videos, podcasts, reviews, etc. This means that the content on those sites is user-generated or created and distributed, and/or commented on by its users.

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