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SEO rules recommended by most of experts in 2015

SEO is the most famous word in the world of online money making in general and blogging in particular, you will find all the bloggers are fighting in order to gain some friendship that drives them some referring links and quickly traffic.

SEO is not just a time passing way in which we learn a lot of rules to apply to our blogs in order to bring visitors, but its a crucial marketing step, we must study carefully and learn constantly given continuous updates that occur to this area.

When you configure your site to be search engines friendly it helps those engines, especially Google to index more pages of your site and bring you targeted visitors and certainly the most important basics of SEO content writing is exclusive and useful to your visitors by search engines

as well as the keywords placed in a coordinated and arranged to draw the attention of spiders search engines to your site’s content.

Every day the number of blogs on the internet is an alarming increase, making the SEO process more difficult, especially at the beginning, but if you win the battle you will be rewarded generously from search engines 🙂

Here are some rules that most SEO experts recommend for 2015

1. Writing high-quality content

This is the first and the most essential rule of SEO and will probably remain stable for a long time, where is the content should be of high-quality, exclusive and useful. Thats the key for attracting visitors to your site and also to draw the attention of robots search engines especially Google. the search engines want to always provide the best content to their visitors. If you search for any keyword in Google and you browse the first results of that keyword you will surely find the content very muching terms in form and content it is also exclusive immovable and useful content that contain a significant amount of useful informations.

2. The speed of your website or blog

In 2015 the SEO results will greatly depend on the site speed and download speed of the site files. If your website is slow, it will be depreciated in the search engines results, because visitors does not like at all slow loading sites and they leave them even before to give it a chance to be fully loaded,

so try to just insert the necessary additions in your website and remove away all the additions that destroy your pages loading speed.

Here are some of the greatest tools to check your page speed loading

  • YSlow
  • GTmetrix
  • Google Pagespeed

3. Building external links

You should constantly building external high-quality links which is considered as the most important factor after the content quality among all factors. You should start by placing comments in the forums and blogs that have the same topics where you should put links that points to diffrents part of you website but not only to your home page. If this step is well done it will significantly boost up your position in search engines results.

Use these tools to verify the number of BackLinks to your site :

  • ahrefs
  • monitorbacklinks

4. Building internal links

Internal links are links that refer to articles in your site from other articles in your site and this kind of links achieves two goals

First: it make your visitors spending larger period as possible in your site and browsing as more pages as possible, which alerts the search engines that your site likable to visitors, because when they spend long periods that indicats that the content of your site is useful.

Second: Strengthening the rank of your articles in the search engines results for a given keyword.

5. Referring articles

Referring articles is the articles that you write in one or more blogs and then put a link to your site at the end of the article if the article was impressed by visitors they will certainly do visit your page to read more articles.

In fact, articles submission is a very good way to get targeted visitors, as well as for backlinking. When an exclusive and high quality article written and putted in a famous blogs and put in the end, your name and your picture your site will get a large number of visitors who want to know more about you and about the content you write.

6. Win the friendship of social networks

We all know certainly how to win the friendship of search engines, but what do you think that friendship with social networks has to do with SEO ?

Yes, you must interact with your audience in social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and Google Plus and YouTube, where you can get thousands of free visitors a day to your blog build a good relationship with them and earn their trust.

So you write good content and then sharing it with your followers which they will share with their friends will be a significant impact on the rank of your website.

When you apply these strategies and steps on your blog in 2015, I am sure you will see a significant improvement in the ranking of your website in search engine results, and the daily average number of visitors will increase dramatically.

If you are new in the world of SEO, i understand that reading an article about SEO rules doesn’t mean you become ready to start boosting your sites. Videos Tutorials so far will be a great and easy way to learn more. I advice you to take a look to this awesome free tool of Video SEO Tutorials that are collected from various places and that they are good organized according to the diffrent SEO rules we’ve just learn.

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