SEO – Set yourself free!

If your marketing strategy includes spending hours defining SEO keywords and ensuring that every single piece of writing is optimised you may not want to hear that the practice is outdated.

Before you forget about it completely and just go down the social media path it is important to realise how much time your company is actually spending on the practice of SEO.

Be realistic, Google only has a certain amount of space on its front page, large companies who are well practised are likely to have their keywords optimised before a small start up company.

No one knows the secret formula that Google uses to rank websites, which it admits it changes constantly, which can mean it is an expensive venture to try and get the ranking up by one place or two.

The best way to set yourself free from the SEO obsession is to adapt your site, and define your brand, offer great content and a better user experience, so customers and users will want to return to it. A popular site, with minimal SEO will be ranked higher than a start up or an unbranded site with huge amounts of keywords.

Don’t lose faith if you are a start-up and haven’t quite found the niche, a good tip is to ensure your content is well structured, standard compliant, and has the right header tags, title, keyword-loaded intro paragraph, alt and title attributes to images, and so on.

Understanding that SEO ranking is not the be-all and end-all of website design opens up the possibilities of using various internet marketing tools.

Think like the competition, use virals, embed videos, start a PR campaign, Tweet, have a Facebook page etc.

The best way to get the most from SEO is to use a company that can help you really understand your audience, they can advise what you need to with SEO and social media, building a strategy that will boost your profile and your business.