Separate Bathrooms is the Key to a Happy Marriage

After living with my husband for a year before we got married I knew that our marriage would last a lifetime provided we had separate bathrooms. I could live with many of his odd habits but when it came to the bathroom it was a deal breaker. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my husband and know that we have been married twenty years BUT if I had to share a bathroom with him we would have been divorced long ago.

bathroom-809820_640I am not sure if it is a guy thing or if it is my husbands thing, but he has some annoying bathroom habits and if I had to look at his mess daily I would have booted him out long ago. I am a tidy, pick up my stuff and never throw anything on the floor type of person. When I leave the bathroom it is put together and ready for guests.

bathroom-490781_640My husbands bathroom looks like a train wreck; towels wadded up on the floor. Plus he must try to shoot his dirty clothes into the hamper, and when he misses he leaves them on the floor. Then the toothpaste is a gooey mess. All I ask of him is to close the door.
This is why I say that having separate bathroom saved our marriage because if I had to share a bathroom with hubby we would have been divorced twenty years ago.

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bathroom-335748_640Do you have his and hers bathrooms?