Services Helping the Lawyers and Law Firms

Know All About Litigation Support Services

Corporations are facing a number of complex litigation issues and disputes. Such disputes may involve claims that result from an investment fund collapse, contractual disputes, construction disputes, professional negligence claims, security litigation, and other types of business disputes. Experienced litigators are gaining prominence as they are helping the organizations prevail in this environment, by providing meaningful economic and financial analysis.

Services provided by the litigation support are:

  • Drafting all types of statements and records
  • Trip and employment reports
  • Personal injury
  • Site meetings with clients and third party insurers
  • Signing and collecting the documents
  • Tracing
  • Serving

The litigation support services provide clarity and insight to counsel, and help in everything from developing the case theory and discoveries, to an expert witness testimony. Such services can be taken from a good legal outsourcing company that has gained local and national acceptance for offering litigation solutions to the legal organizations. This is helping the lawyers accomplish the needs of their clients, thus forming an important part of law.

Manage Your Legal Tasks through Litigation Services

  • Litigation covers a wide spectrum of services. Basic services underlined by it are:
  • Indexing and coding
  • eDiscovery
  • Copying and printing
  • Bates stamping
  • Blowbacks
  • Scanning
  • Other additional services like OCR, data culling, load file conversion, electronic endorsement, file conversion, and so on.

As per what the researchers say, the organizations that deal with legal matters are more prone to being defamed. This is mainly because media is making a massive coverage of the litigation cases more than ever. However, one cannot deny that the litigation services have made tasks easy for the lawful pursuits, advocates, attorneys, legal advisors and legal firms, etc. They are able to organize their daily office work in minimum time.

Insurers, corporations, government bodies and legal firms are regularly getting involved in various forms of debt recovery actions and civil litigation. This makes the role of information all the more important for support, defense, and progress. Therefore, teams are in growing need of individuals with legal intelligence, who can decide the hierarchy of actions for clients.

Tasks of litigation support manager are as follows:

  • Getting in touch with the client for collecting, identifying, and preserving the documents
  • Making strategies to reduce the amount of data that is to be collected
  • Analyzing documents that need review within the collected data and making strategies for the same
  • Using suitable technologies and services with the aim of assisting the whole process of collecting, culling and reviewing the documents
  • Providing trainings to the legal team on how to use technologies best
  • Following processes for monitoring and confirming the accuracy of the reviewed documents
  • Seeking coordination with the process of disclosure
  • Keeping the audit logs maintained and ensuring that the entire process is properly done.

These services are proving supportive for the law firms, as they can better concentrate on the core areas of their business with much competency. This also involves several technicalities of the conversion of paper documents into an electronic format, along with providing solutions for the entire process.


Legal organizations deal with a lot of matters on an everyday basis. Such matters need utmost attention for winning the cases. Not paying attention leads to pending cases that may take years to resolve. Thus, the need for litigation support services is a must.