News Seven Preparation Tips to Help Ensure Beginner Tennis Players...

Seven Preparation Tips to Help Ensure Beginner Tennis Players will Love, Love the Sport


The sport of tennis doesn’t have to be intimidating and for those who don’t play, they are missing out on a great way to be social and active. It is all about getting started on the right foot so read on for some beginner tips to give you the best shot at tennis—literally and figuratively.
Tennis Gear
• Tennis Racquet – as a beginner, try a local sports retailer like a Big 5 or Dicks Sporting Goods to find a decent racquet to get started with. Best to avoid tennis shops or club tennis shops for now. Just choose a racquet that is lightweight and feels good in your hand when you hold it.
• Tennis Bag. You will need a bag large enough to carry your racquet and other essentials. If needed, you can start with a workout bag until you can purchase a tennis bag. Besides your racquet, you will want to bring suntan lotion (be sure to apply 30 minutes before playing), small towel to wipe yourself when you perspire, bottles of water, light snack, hat or visor and sweatbands for your head and wrists. It will also hold your cell phone and keys while playing.
• Tennis Balls. Always use a fresh can of balls whenever possible—it really does make a difference. Look for sales at sporting goods stores but in a pinch, you can purchase at local retailers like Walgreens or Target.
• Tennis clothes and shoes. Wear lightweight clothes that allow room to perspire and keep cool. Look for clothes with Dri-FIT technology. For shoes, look for those specifically made for tennis since running shoes are made for moving forward and tennis shoes are made for moving side to side.
• Tennis sunglasses. To start out, a regular pair of sunglasses will be fine but as you progress at the game, consider purchasing sunglasses specifically made for tennis that can actually help you improve your game. They reduce glare, stay put during strenuous matches and for some brands like Bolle, can highlight certain colors like yellow and white to help see tennis balls and court lines better. You can order these from an online sports eyewear retailer like

Next Steps
• To give you confidence when first starting out, consider taking a few or more lessons from your community or city recreation department. You can also look into local tennis clubs or ask around for tennis instructors who teach on the side for a better hourly rate. If you’re lucky, you can find someone you know who is a skilled tennis player to take some time to teach you a lesson or two so you can get the basics down.
• Once you have a few lessons under your tennis belt, spread the word that you are looking for a tennis partner to start playing regularly. Ask those who are in your tennis lessons group as well as friends in family if they know anyone who enjoys tennis and might want to play with you.

Seven Preparation Tips to Help Ensure Beginner Tennis Players will Love, Love the Sport
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