Sex hormones dictate our actions ?


Sex hormones are responsible for reproductive functions. They differ according to sex and directly affect our libido. It is during adolescence that they actually begin to manifest.

Sex hormones are secreted by the sexual organs in the body and circulated under the command of the brain. They would also have directly with the morale and mood, in particular women.

Sex hormones in women

Female sex hormones secreted by the ovaries are estrogen and progesterone. They are in turn released at a specific time of the menstrual cycle of 28 days.

During the first 14 days, estrogen allow the egg to mature, stimulates the production of mucus and magnifies the cervix to facilitate access to sperm.

During the second part of the cycle, that is to say, after ovulation , progesterone takes over in preparing the uterus to receive a fertilized egg, keeps the cervix closed and is responsible for the development of mammary glands.

When fertilization does not occur, progesterone levels drop sharply, causing menstruation . At the time of menopause, the rate of female sex hormones decline dramatically, affecting the genitals and reduced sexual desire, causing drying of the vaginal mucosa and slight atrophy of the vulva.

But highly effective hormonal treatments exist to regulate hormones and moderate the negative effects of menopause on the body.

The male sexual hormone

The male sex hormone produced continuously by the testes is testosterone. This regulates reproductive functions ensuring the production of sperm. It is the origin of the hair, moulting, the increase in muscle and penis size .

It is also known as the hormone of physical force (it is also the main component of steroids …).

Testosterone levels have also a direct impact on male libido (these two notions are proportional). Women also produce testosterone in their ovaries, but in very small quantities.

Rather unusual: a few years ago, a spray containing testosterone and to increase the sexual desire of women had been sold!