Shabby Chic Kitchen Cabinets – Stylish Home Designs

Shabby Chic Kitchen Cabinets – Stylish Home Designs

The kitchen is a place that a lot of men and women spend hours everyday preparing their daily meals. Can you imagine a house without a kitchen? It will likely feel like a hotel. There is the satisfaction of being able to cook and enjoy your meal in a place that is specially designed for that. When it comes to making your kitchen look trendy, there are many furnitures you can purchase to compliment your cooking experience. Space is one of the many issues that most people often have to deal with in their kitchen. Arranging your cooking utensils in a way that will make them accessible is essential. One of the best kitchen furniture for saving space is having a cabinet. If you are into trendy designs, you will know doubt be attracted by the appeal of shabby chick kitchen cabinets.

Some people don’t understand why anyone will want to buy a piece of kitchen furniture that looks like used furniture. The ironic thing is, the vintage look is the most appealing part for those who are into shabby chic designs. You need to understand the spirit before you can appreciate having a kitchen cabinet that is new but not quite.

Buying shabby chic kitchen cabinets

Depending on what you plan to do with your cabinet, there are many retailers offering corner kitchen cabinets for storage and decor. You also can look into the the regular retangular kitchen cabinet furniture. If you want an off white corner shabby chic kitchen cabinet that is cheap to buy, you can check out the offer at This is marketed as the Curio Cabinet. It will cost you $30. This will appeal to those who want something simple but not boring.

There is also the possibility of buying a used kitchen cabinet, distressing it and turning it into a nice chic furniture. If that is a possiblity for you, you will either need to paint your furniture of use a torch to partially romove the paint. No matter what method you use to distress your kitchen cabinet, you will need to make sure it looks good. Onces you are done with the painting, you can buying shabby chic cabinet knob from sites like These can either be crystal glass drawer pulls that will cost you about $24. Some victorian style knobs will cost as little as $15.

There are times your kitchen opens directly into the living room. If that is your case, you can decide to buy a furniture that will enhance both the living room and the kitchen. The problem you might have will be find the appropriate one that will match your existing design. If you like red, you can looking into the Shabby Chic Red 4-drawer/ 2-door TV Console Table. This cabinet with multiple drawerst will cost you $345 at This is not directly a kitchen cabinet but it will compliment your living space if red is a color that appeals to you.

If you don’t want to buy shabby chic kitchen cabinets and you would rather create one yourself, it might be a good idea to be inspired by what is already available out there. For example, you can look at what people are putting up for sale on sites like and That said, if you are not that creative, you will be better off buying a well put together cabinet instead of going solo and wasting your time and money. What some people do is go into a used furniture store and look for cheap kitchen cabinets with interesting designs. With the cheap cabinet purchased, you can then look into converting it into a nice littel shabby chic kitchen cabinet.