Shaping your face using blush

Blush is a great way to enhance you facial features. It can not only adds colour to your skin, but you can use blush to sculpt and shape your face.

The most common way to apply blusher is to smile so you are able to find the apples of your cheek. Then blend your blush colour upwards starting from the middle of your apples to your temples.

For special occasion you can give your looks an extra boost and dimension by adding extra highlight to your cheekbones. You can do this by applying your normal blusher, then use a highlighter and blend it above your cheekbones. To give your face more structure use a darker blush or bronzer, and blend it in to the hollows or your cheeks. To make it easier to find the hollows of your cheeks, try making a fish like face. An excellent and recommended kit to use is a contour palette as it contains all the blush colours, highlight and bronzer colours you will need to shape your face.

You can also use blusher according to your face shape to help balance your facial features. Here is how to do it:

If you have a square shaped face you will want to soften your face by concentrating your blush in a circle on the rounder parts of your cheeks. Apply bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks. To soften the harsh edges apply bronzer lightly on the square edges of your chin. To add dimension, use highlighter on the tip of your chin and the bridge of your nose.

For those with a heart shaped face you will want to try and balance your facial features. To do this blend you blush colour slightly below your cheekbones. You can even try adding blusher to the hollows of your cheeks. Use a highlighter, and highlight the tip of your chin. Finish off by applying bronzer to your temples and blend it all the way up to your hairline.

If you have a round shaped face, you can slim it down by blending your blush colour upwards starting from the apples of your cheeks to your hairline. Afterwards use your highlighter and highlight your cheekbones then use a bronzer for the hollows of your cheeks.

To choose the right type of blusher for you, generally powder blusher is the quickest and easiest blush to use. However if you want more of a glow try using a cream blusher. There’s so many blush shades to choose from so experiment with lots of different colours.