Shark Sleeping Bag The Cool New Sleeping Bag Design

Shark sleeping bag is the cool new sleeping bag design that is invading the market.

Traditional sleeping bags have always been the simple fabric with a foam bedding inside and another thick fabric sewn on top that will be serve as your blanket. This simple design has survived for decades and that simple design is still being used today. The only difference with what our forefathers use is that our sleeping bags today are more colorful, more comfortable, have different kinds of fabric in them and vary in sizes that will accommodate the tallest to the biggest but still has the dull and boring basic sleeping bag design used in the past. Modern sleeping bag makers have not changed the design because of not trying to stretch their imaginations and sticking with a sleeping bag deisn that works. But with the changing times and the changing styles so does the sleeping bag design needs to be change too. A good example of a cool new sleeping bag design is the shark sleeping bag or the Chum buddy grey.

The Chumbuddy grey or the shark sleeping bag is the cool new sleeping bag design that is still “hot off the press” if you know what I mean. The shark sleeping bag has the appearance of a shark with its own gills and fins that somehow resembles the shark in the Jaws Movie but cuter and more humorous. This cute sleeping bag can accommodate kids to adults because of its large size. The size of this shark sleeping bag is approximately 7 feet or 6 feet and 3 inches to be exact. It is also quite large with an hollow interior to accommodate everyone that wants to have their own shark sleeping bag. The interior is colored red with printed teeth on the opening so it will look like that your shark sleeping bag will eat you.

Even if you do not want to use it as a sleeping bag, this can be used as a plush toy or a decoration to your house because of how realistic it is. The cool new sleeping design bag that is invading the market is the shark sleeping bag.