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Shark tooth necklaces


Saw this site would make a great Christmas gift. We have been selling ocean jewelry since 1999.Most of the shark tooth necklaces we make ourselves the shell bracelets and specialty items come from the Bahamas. They are hand crafted by local craftsman who take pride in their work. All are necklaces and other jewelry are quality products and unique. Each shark tooth necklace is made from various bone, apple coral, carved horn, bamboo beads and comes with a rolled barrel clasps or sterling silver. We only sell quality pieces not like jewelry found in your local discount store made on an assembly line. None of our sea shells or shark teeth come from a endangered species. The fossil shark teeth are from the Bahamas were buried deep below the ocean floor for 10’s of thousands of years. The whale shark is a the biggest shark and the biggest fish. It is NOT a whale. It has a huge mouth which can be up to 4 feet (1.4 m) wide. Its mouth is at the very front of its head (not on the underside of the head like in most sharks). It has a wide, flat head, a rounded snout, small eyes, 5 very large gill slits, 2 dorsal fins (on its back) and 2 pectoral fins (on its sides). The spiracle (a vestigial first gill slit used for breathing when the shark is resting on the sea floor) is located just behind the shark’s eye. Its tail has a top fin much larger than the lower fin. The whale shark has distinctive light-yellow markings (random stripes and dots) on its very thick dark gray skin. Its skin is up to 4 inches (10 cm) thick. There are three prominent ridges running along each side of the shark’s body. The whale shark does not seem to be very bothered by divers and will often let them get very close and not move away. If they get upset by a persons behavior they will sink down further in the water or go faster in the water. I have heard of a Japanese diver did once manage to get sucked into a Whale shark’s mouth but was quickly spat out again


Shark tooth necklaces
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