shattered world

The day i first saw you my heart skipped a beat,

When we both were walking down the street.

Your sweet beautiful smile makes my day,

And i think about you all night until sleep takes me away,

My feelings for you is so vast and so true,

I wish i could tell you how much i love you.

I had fallen in love ,

There was only you i could think of,

I wanna hold you in my arms forever,

I will leave you never,

I stalked you everywhere but you didn’t knew,

I wish i could tell you how much i love you.

I want you to be only mine,

Because you are my sunshine,

I saw you standing with friends for tickets in a queue,

I wish i could tell you how much i love you.

I finally decided to tell you how much i love you,

You refused me and said you didn’t love me,

You shattered my heart and ultimately me,

I loved you like no one why couldn’t you see?,

I was locked out of my own heart without key.

i know i wasn’t cool ,i wasn’t perfect,

was this the reason you reject?

everyone made fun of me and so did you,

just because i expressed my feelings you?.

I could no longer face the real world,

My mind and my heart were whirled,

You didn’t even noticed i was different,

Because after you broke my heart,you were hard to confront.

I was drowning in my own pool of sadness,

You became reason for my madness,

Decision was made that i could no longer live,

To this cruel world i have nothing to give,

I wish you could see how much i loved you.