News She Tried To Embarras Me

She Tried To Embarras Me


I was riding with this women,and I was listening to my music, on my head phones and she told me to take off my head phones, she said it right infront of my husband trying to embarras me and make me look bad infront of him, and I told her I wasn’t going to, take off my head phones,this woman was complaining to me Saturday, saying she doen’t have any money, I was feeling sorry for her until she starteed asking me, was I getting back together, with my husband I told here no,she said I was watching you two, and you two look cute together, I don’t know why these people, keep asking me the same old question, over and over again if I don’t want to go back, to my husband that is my personal business,my husband can not take care of me, if I was to get sick he would not know what to do, that is why I am going to stay right here, with my sister who knows, all about my medical history she has been with me, everytime i went to the hospital, my husband know nothing about the things I have been through, and I want to keep it that way, I would say I understand these people, that are trying make me go back, to my husband but no I don’t, understand these people and why me going back, to my husband is so important to them, that is why now I have nothing to say, to anyone when I get around them because, they are singing the same old song, all the time and my answer is always going to be the same, my husband got these people feeling sorry for him,I don’t care if he do got them feeling sorry for him, I still am not going to do anything, to please these people so they can be happy and I will be unhappy, my husband don’t have any money, so how is he going to provide for me, off of my check no I don’t think so, my son lives with his dad, and he is telling me how hard times are, so why would I put myself, in a sitsation like that, knowing I can’t survive I am not going to live begging for anything, from anyone I will let him live like that, maybe he’s happy doing that.

She Tried To Embarras Me
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