Sheepskin Bucket Seat Covers

Looking for sheepskin bucket seat covers for your vehicle? There are a few things you’ll want to consider when shopping for the right covers to make sure you get one that fits your car’s seats.

A few other things to consider when shopping for seat covers:

  • Does your vehicle have airbags? Some covers can interfere with seats that contain airbags so be sure that you don’t get a cover that will do this if your vehicle is equipped with them. I have heard that some people cut out a hole for the airbag, but I think this looks bad.
  • Many covers that claim they are sheepskin are only partially real sheepskin, if any. Be sure to read the reviews to make sure you’re getting a quality cover.
  • Beware prices that look too good to be true. Anything substantially under $100 per cover is most likely not genuine sheepskin and may be of suspect quality. The high quality, 100% genuine covers can run into the hundreds of dollars.


You’ll want to vacuum the seats regularly to get rid of dust and dirt. You can also use a comb or wire brush to keep the sheepskin looking great. If you have both the driver and passenger seats covered, rotate them regularly to ensure even wear on both covers.

You’ll most likely want to have the covers professionally cleaned, especially if you opt to go for the genuine sheepskin covers. Otherwise you can usually wash them in cold water on the gently cycle, using a special wool washing soap. Do NOT put them in the dryer under any circumstances as wool shrinks a lot when dried.

There’s also the option of getting a sheepskin cushion instead of a full cover. Depending on your needs this may be a way to get a much higher quality cushion for a similar price to a much lower quality full cover.

You may also want to consider getting a steering wheel cover or seat belt pad as well if you want a whole matching set. Just be sure to shop around and read reviews online to make sure you’re getting quality sheepskin bucket seat covers that you’ll be happy with for years to come.