Sherlock Holmes Says, ‘Watson We Have Three Cases!’

Sherlock Holmes is the world’s most famous and popular detective. His creator Arthur Conan Doyle was Knighted for his writing, and became entitled to be addressed as Sir. Sherlock Holmes is his most popular and best work. In view of this, Sherlock Holmes fans are eagerly awaiting an author who can fill the shoes of Sir Doyle even if only to a limited extent. They don’t need to wait any longer, because that author has arrived! He is here now, his name is Phillip Duke, and he has writtenb and published not just one or two, but three books of wonderful new Sherlock Holmes crime mystery cases. Here they are:

Sherlock Holmes And The Alien Abduction

Sherlock Holmes And The Mutilated Cattle

Sherlock Holmes And The Napped Children

This cover picture shows Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes, and Nigel Bruce as Doctor John H. (Hamish) Watson.

Everything is carefully crafted to be in Victorian England and written in the authentic style of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.If you liked reading the original Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson stories, you will enjoy reading these..Each book sells for only $2.99, and if for any reason you are not fully satisfied, there is a seven day free return policy. Just notify within seven days of purchase, and your money will be cheerfully refunded.

Due to their popularity these three new Sherlock Holmes books are flying off the shelves, and as a result there will probably be a price increase before long. Get your copies now, for the low price of only $2.99 each, total cost. They are very good reading!