News Sherlock Holmes, The World’s Most Famous Detective

Sherlock Holmes, The World’s Most Famous Detective


By Phillip Duke Ph.D.

Sherlock Holmes is the creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a Victorian British physician and author who was Knighted for his writing. Sir Doyle wrote on a number of subjects, but the Sherlock Holmes cases are considered his best work. It is believed that the character of Sherlock Holmes is based on a medical school professor who emphasized the logical, deductive approach to medical diagnosis. This may be the basis for Sherlock Holmes’s famous dictum; “When everything else has been logically eliminated, whatever remains is the truth, no matter how unlikely it seems.”

By applying this principle Holmes solves baffling case after case, first carefully observing and comparing facts, then eliminating the impossible, and then actively investigating what is left. Holmes is a master of verbal interrogation, and he obtains valuable information in ways contrary to police methods. In one case the fact that a dog was not barking turns out to be a key fact, in another when a witness stated nothing unusual was seen, Holmes elicited key information by asking what was seen that was usual.

Sherlock Holmes the person is an interesting and somewhat unusual character. In some ways he is a man’s man, adept at fisticuffs, single stick, foil fencing, and a crack pistol shot. When the occasion arises Holmes simply ignores personal danger in pursuit of solving the case at hand. However Holmes never has female companionship. He has no wife, mistress, or girl friend. The closest he ever comes to a romantic interest is his interaction with character Irene Adler, who is basically an antagonist, and who he comes to admire, but never has any real relationship with.

The absence of feminine interaction is somewhat surprising, since Sir Doyle was married and had children, but nevertheless Sir Doyle carries the character to triumph without personal feminine applause. There is however in its place the personal relationship between Holmes and his lifelong friend, associate and chronicler, Dr. John H. (Hamish) Watson. Holmes and Watson share lodgings on Baker Street in London, where they are taken care of by their landlady and housekeeper, the faithful Mrs. Hudson.

Watson is a stolid, unimaginative man, in stark contrast to Holmes’s brilliant intellect, and so provides an interesting and amusing foil for Holmes. The interaction between Holmes and Watson is done superbly in the films where Holmes was played by Basil Rathbone, and Watson by Nigel Bruce.

To sum up, the cases of Sherlock Holmes present what is probably the very best of the crime detection mystery genre. I have always deeply admired the Sherlock Holmes stories, and now have written my own. To date I have written, edited, and published as ebooks two Sherlock Holmes detective mystery stories. These stories are written in the same style as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. They are set in Victorian England, and everything in them is authentic to the era. The characters, and especially Holmes and Watson are very similar to Sir Doyle’s creations.

Sherlock Holmes, The World’s Most Famous DetectiveSherlock Holmes, The World’s Most Famous Detective

If you like reading detective mysteries, and especially like reading those of Sherlock Holmes, you will very much enjoy reading these two stories. Here they are, with URL’s.

Sherlock Holmes And The Alien Abduction $2.99


Sherlock Holmes And The Mutilated Cattle $2.99


Read the Synopses, First Chapters and Reviews FREE by just clicking on the URL’s. If you purchase an ebook and decide not to keep it, there is a FREE 7 day return policy.

I always like to hear from readers, and my email address is in the ebook. All emails from readers are replied to promptly

It is said, “a good read entertains, great literature entertains and also improves.” I have tried to create great literature, but even if I have only created good reads, I know you will enjoy reading these Sherlock Holmes stories of my creation.

Good reading to you!

Phillip Duke Ph.D.

Omaha, Nebraska, USA

February 13, 2012

Sherlock Holmes, The World’s Most Famous Detective
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