Shoot Your Business into Top Gear with Vanity Phone Number

The technological revolution has not only shrunk the world, but changed the whole complexion of doing business. Making a mark in the global market is extremely decisive for any business. One of the prime goals of business marketing strategy of today is to get a phone number which enables customers to contact the business from the comfort of their home or office, or in difficult situation easily.

This helps businesses in excelling in the highly competitive market where brand visibility is imperative in success of all kinds of business. Most customers believe that business with ‘1800’ vanity number is more reliable. Therefore, it works as a marketing tool that shoots your business into top gear and gives you a competitive advantage over everyone in your domain.

Here’s how having such a number makes your business more popular among the customers:

Brand Recognition
If you have a business website you must be aware about the importance of a good domain name. Just like a relevant yet catchy domain name makes an impression over the internet, a well thought and business relevant vanity number creates stature instantly. Moreover, vanity numbers work to promote brand recognition, because of the ease to remember the number.

Higher Customer Response Rate

Besides being easy to remember and helping in brand recognition, the number helps in building strong customer relation. It even offers real-time call tracking reports. When marketed appropriately you can even notice an increase the customer response rate, which is extremely beneficial for your business.

Wider Market Reach and Presence
In addition to being recognized and reachable, having a wider reach and presence in the market is something that most businesses want to achieve. Having an ‘1800’ service number makes the customers believe that the business is well-acclaimed with a larger potential. As it is easy for customers to reach you easily in the time of crises, this helps in creating awareness among a group of people.

Getting a Vanity Number for Your Business
Vanity numbers are a unique combination of numbers and alphabets, i.e., these are alphanumeric numbers. They begin with a prefix number followed by a combination of easy to recall business related words. For example, if you are a dentist you can get “1800-DENTIST” as your service number, which will make it easy for your patients to recall it whenever the need arises.

Finally, with so many benefits and the ability to raise above the competitors it is preferred to own a vanity number for your business.