News Shop Icey Tek Cooler that suits your style and...

Shop Icey Tek Cooler that suits your style and personality


A premium grade Ice Tek Cooler that comes in varied variety of colors and sizes, are just as durable as other brand coolers in the market. UltimateIceChests is one of the best North American Dealer of Ice Tek Coolers, and is known for its wide range of products and best-in-class customer service. The company offers many sizes of coolers, ensuring to meet individual specific needs, preferences and budgets. Also, these coolers come with a minimum two year warranty and are trusted by thousands of professionals around the world. Rest assured that these coolers are high quality polyethylene roto-molded construction.

Also, Icey Tek Coolers comes in wide variety of sizes to choose from. It means you can easily shop these coolers by size like you can buy 25 Quart cooler, 55 quart, 100 quart, 120 quart cooler, 150 quart, 170 quart, 270 quart Icey Tek, 450 quart, 600 quart, 760 quart and 1100 quart cooler. Although, the 25 Quart Icey Tek coolers is the perfect choice if you are planning for weekend trips in the woods or a day out on the boat. However, these coolers have been made from top materials and components so that the customers can use them confidently in any type of environment. So, you can be sure to keep your food fresh regardless the type of location or adventure and also it is very easy to carry!

But, if you are planning for a long trip, make sure that you use 270 Quart Cooler to enjoy your drinks and food which is always important. Although, 270 quart long style box cooler is an ultimate product. Also, this amazing product comes with a split lid, which means you can easily open half of this cooler anytime you required something. With 270 quarts of storage space, you will have space to store more products than you might have thought of before. Moreover, 270 Quart is the perfect choice, and comes in wide variety of colors to match the rest of your equipment. It is also an ideal choice for long weekend trips, outside camping, tailgating, and tracking or sport fishing. All Icey-tek coolers have ultra heavy duty self stopping lid hinges to prevent damage to the hinge or lid of the cooler.

Whether you buy 120 Quart Cooler, 270 Quart, or 25 Quart Icey Tek, you are sure to keep ice longer than average high-end coolers. When you visit to a reliable online store like UltimateIceChests, you can largest selection of colors and sizes when it comes to high quality Icey Tek coolers. Once you visit to the store, I am sure you will never look back again another junk cooler after you experience the coolness and features of Icey Tek coolers or ice boxes.

Shop Icey Tek Cooler that suits your style and personality
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