News Shopping for Bathroom Vanities - Things to Consider

Shopping for Bathroom Vanities – Things to Consider


Bathroom vanities provide contemporary styling, while also offering luxury and comfort. After all, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home, so it has to be completely functional with a relaxing ambiance.

Along with cleanliness, the bathroom also has to leave an aesthetic impression – so it needs to be organized. This can be a challenge, particularly if the room is very small, but the bathroom furniture can make a world of difference. This is why bathroom vanities are so popular. Bathroom vanities not only look amazing, they also create a calming environment. They never look outdated, or lose their sheen so they are also a good investment. So if you’re remodeling your bathroom, you should strongly consider the furniture.

Shopping for Bathroom Vanities

Thankfully, you have the convenience of doing all your “window shopping” online. There are a number of vanity designs and styles available – so below are some tips on finding the right one for your bathroom.

Bathroom Vanities with Functionality, and Visual Appeal That Fit

When shopping for bathroom vanities, get to know the different types of units available:

Most Common: The most common type of bathroom vanity unit has a sink and a mirrored cabinet to store medications, toiletries, and personal hygiene items.

Wall Mounted Vanities: These are ideal for small or medium sized bathrooms. They allow for more floor space, and make the room look bigger. As well, they increase foot traffic because there is more space to move around.

Corner Bathroom Vanity: A corner vanity is perfect for small bathrooms that lack space.

How Much Floor Space is Needed?

Think about how much floor space you need based on the amount of foot traffic. Bathroom vanities that are mounted to the wall have storage space below it, while a corner vanity isolates the activity to the corner so the rest of the bathroom space is free for other bathroom accessories.

Before you start shopping for bathroom vanities, consider the floor plan in your bathroom.

Functionality – The Basic Functions of the Bathroom

There are four functions to the bathroom: Surface, washing, storage and mirror.

The surface area needs to be big enough to hold the user’s items – lotion, towels, and a spot to put hand soap. The washing area should also be big enough to accommodate everyone who uses the bathroom regularly. The storage space should be large enough to hold all the necessary items and the mirrors must be placed securely – attached to vanity or on the wall.

Age Appropriate

Bathroom vanities should be tailored to the people who use it, and this includes age-range. If extra storage space is needed ensure that it is secured if children live in the home. If there are seniors and/or children using the bathroom consider sharp edges.

With the vast selection of bathroom vanities available, finding the right one for all your needs that fits in smoothly with your bathroom’s design is easy. Now all you have to do is find the perfect one that is both stylish and functional for your needs. is an online retailer selling a wide variety of modern and contemporary Italian bathroom vanities, fixtures, faucets, vessel sinks, toilets, kitchen faucets, sink drains, and accessories for customers with a taste of luxury. For tips on picking bathroom vanities, visit

Shopping for Bathroom Vanities – Things to Consider
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