Shopping For Glass Beads? Take These Tips

Glass beads are not new to the jewelry crafting industry. In fact, they have been used by the ancient Romans, Egyptians, and the North Americans in making jewelry and other craft projects. Today, these beads are easily available all over the world and can be bought from local craft shops as well as online bead stores like panda hall. I prefer these beads over acrylic, because glass provides a more sophisticated look. I use acrylic beads only to make fun crafts for children.

I find glass beads to be very versatile. I can create elegant necklaces, bracelets and other crafts out of them. Panda hall has a vast selection of these beads that vary in shape, color, design and style. During my early years as a crafter, I didn’t know that there are many types of beads made of glass. However, eventually I learned that artisans have different systems and styles in producing these components. Some types of glass beads that I have already used include pressed glass, blown glass, millefiori, lamp work, and vintage.

A rule about bead sizes is that they should be proportional to the size of your project overall. So, when I buy glass beads from panda hall, I am very particular about the sizes, which can range from 4mm to 8mm. However, there are also sizes that are smaller than 4mm and larger than 8mm. If the necklace I am working on is a dainty one, I pick the 4mm beads, but for chunky necklaces, I use beads that are larger than 8mm. Very small glass beads can be as hard to use as they are to find.

Another thing I always consider when shopping for glass beads from panda hall is the breakability. Glasses are naturally delicate, but I found out that these beads are sturdy. There are options, of course, that can break more easily than others. Some sturdier beads are ideal for making bracelets that are intended for use on a daily basis.

Then there comes the hole of glass beads. When you go to panda hall website, look at the sizes of the holes, and the placement, as well. The size factor will dictate whether thicker cords or thin wires should be used to string the beads. The placement of the holes on the beads, on the other hand, will affect the appearance of the beads after they have been strung together.

If you need glass beads for your designs, you can go to craft stores, but these places may have limited selections because of the beads’ diversity. You will be served better if you choose to buy them from online shops such as panda hall, because you can see a lot of possibilities there. Such stores will make your shopping easier and a never to forget experience. You will not only be getting the best deals and prices, but you know that you are dealing with a reliable supplier. I have always loved the store’s vast selection of beads, findings, wires and other materials I need for my projects.