News Shopping in Jaipur with a shopping advisor

Shopping in Jaipur with a shopping advisor


Jaipur. It’s not just a city. It’s a city with a mixture of palaces, forts, luxury resorts and most important shopping destinations. I have written many articles on Jaipur at Seekyt. Most of the awesome posts are on Jaipur tourist destinations. But today I am going to share the best shopping destinations in Jaipur and what all you need to make sure that you get the best deal for your money while buying stuff in Jaipur city. So let’s do some shopping in Jaipur.


Jewellery is something which attracts all the ladies (& men too) to visit Jaipur for. In all the major jewellery shows in India and even the West, Jaipur jewellers always have a stall. My friend travelled to USA in 2012 for a Jewellery Show with gems worth 1 million dollars. And he is just one of many famous ones.

Shopping in Jaipur with a shopping advisor

In Jaipur there is a famous street name MI Road. This street is famous of its amazing restaurant, cloth showrooms and my favourite Jewellers. Some noticeable jewellers here are Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers, Surana Jewellers, Kalajee Jewellers and Mikala Silver. Last one is my buddy. There collections include some of the most amazing gold & diamond sets. These sets are worn by some of the top models in Indian movie industry. So just give these players a chance and visit their showroom at MI Road.


Shopping in Jaipur with a shopping advisor

Saree is like the national dress in India, only for ladies. Every Indian state has its special saree and Jaipur has an extra special one. The one in Jaipur has precious gems attached on the border and they are one of the most expensive one in India. Top Saree sellers in Jaipur are Satva, Rana and Pratap Saree.


Shopping in Jaipur with a shopping advisor

Don’t even dare to leave Jaipur with having “Dal Baati Churma” and “Laal Maans”. The first is the national dish of Rajasthan and the 2nd is the non-vegetarian dish which was once only related with the royal family of the state. So the best place to taste these spicy dishes is again MI Road. Niros in by far the best restaurant in Jaipur and the kitchen in ITC Rajputana is a royal restaurant and I am damn sure that you haven’t seen a restaurant like the Rajputana.


Well the Anokhi Museum in Jaipur (next to Amer fort) is the best destination to do some handicraft shopping. I wrote a blog on Anokhi Museum on Mazkwok com. You should definitely check this at mazkwok(dot)com/2014/01/famous-hand-painting-and-traditional.html.

Apart from this, Jaipur is world famous for its marble statues and marble ceilings. So I won’t suggest you to buy marble for your ceiling but do opt for a marvelous statue.

Well that’s all from my site. If you want to explore options in Jaipur shopping that do check my site. Its Here I am presented, not all, but the best shopping establishments of Jaipur city and plan to add more.

Shopping in Jaipur with a shopping advisor
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