Short Daily Prayers

short daily prayers

A Christian must seek to pray every single day. Sometimes as a younger Christian we may not know what to pray about. This is mainly due to the fact that we may not know the Word of God yet. Even though you may not know quite how to pray yet, please don’t be discouraged for you will quickly develop into a strong prayer warrior as you practice. Begin to ask the Father God in heaven how to pray and the Holy Spirit will teach you daily. Below are some subjects that may be important for you to practice. Feel free to add your own words to these prayers. 

Prayer concerning Faith:

Father I thank you that because I came to know Jesus Christ as my Savior. Your Word says that Faith is the belief in the unseen. Lord Jesus I am depending on you to cause me to grow in the revelation knowledge of the Word of God and of your Son Jesus Christ. I believe that as I get into the Word I will grow strong in the Spirit and that my prayer life will also grow strong as well. Thank you Jesus that as I get close to you and the Word of God my Faith will grow and I will become a strong Christian in Jesus Name.

Prayer of Love and Forgiveness:

Father Your Word says “God is love”. Father You loved us so much that you sent your Son Jesus to die for us. You also gave us forgiveness for sins that were done against You. Father in Jesus Name I am seeking to love like you loved and forgive like you forgave so that I may reflect the Lord Jesus in my life. Thank You for loving us with a love that passes all human understanding in Jesus Name. Amen.

Develop a Close Relationship to the Lord:

Father in heaven I am seeking to develop a close relationship with you. Lord I love you with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. I long to know your Word and thirst for the knowledge of Your Word to be in my heart. Lord I long to have you close in my heart and to desire nothing above You. I repent for putting anything else above You dear Lord. I pray that I can dedicate time during my busy day to set aside just for you Lord so that I can get to know you more in Jesus Name. Amen.Now that you have these short daily prayers, begin to pray them everyday. As you reach out and try to pray the Lord will grow your prayer life and you will long to be in the presence of the Lord more.