Should I Buy a Dyson AM07 or AM08?

Dyson AM07 Vs AM08

Are you looking into getting hold of one of Dyson’s bladeless fans to help keep you nice and cool during the upcoming summer months & have specifically narrowed it down to either the Dyson AM07 or AM08, however can’t quite figure out what the exact differences are between them and which is best for what scenario? Well this comparison account will be able to help you out, through specifically going over every aspect of each fan (both AM07 & AM08) and ultimately which air multiplier you should get for which room.

Dyson AM07 Tower Fan Review

The new AM07 is the model recently brought out by Dyson to replace the AM02, whereby they have made improvements with regards to it being more ‘power efficient’, ‘quieter in operation‘ as well as capable of being able to generate a more powerful air flow. However, its sole purpose of whole room cooling has not changed — it is the perfect air multiplier for dining rooms and living room, lounge areas.

It oscillates on a 80 degree basis and projects a powerful smooth cooling air flow to help you tolerate the heat better during the hot summer months. The AM07 also comes with a magnetic remote control too so you can change the air flow velocity (on 10 separate levels) without ever having to get up from the sofa and change it via the base panel. You can see the levels you set it to via the LED display panel it has integrated.

Dyson AM08 Pedestal Fan Review

Now although the AM08 also provides ‘whole room cooling’ like the AM07, it is better suited to keep you cool whilst you are trying to get to sleep — so in a bedroom scenario. This is because the initial airflow is more focused, whereby you can position the trajectory through tilting its head and adjusting the pole (i.e height adjustment) so you can focus it over you & your bed — then the airflow disperses across the room to cool down the rest of your bedroom.

Moreover, for the ‘same airflow power’ generated, the AM08 is also much quieter than the AM07 — hence you won’t be kept awake by the fan going off in the background. Like, the AM07 it also comes with a sleeper timer program, whereby you can program it to auto turn itself off after a set time period between 15 minutes and 9 hours. You also get a remote control so you can alter the settings (oscillation and airflow velocity) without ever having to get out of bed.

Which Should You Buy the Dyson AM07 or AM08?

So as said, although both are well specifically designed for ‘whole room cooling’ the AM07 is better for a more ‘spread airflow’ — meaning it is ideal for a living room area. However, the AM08 serves as probably ‘the’ best fan for those who find it difficult to get to sleep during the summer months as it gets too hot, but when they buy a normal fan it is then too loud & keeps them awake. The AM08 is silent in operation, but is strong enough to keep you nice and cool too.

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