Should I end my Relationship just before Valentines Day!

Should I end my Relationship

This is something that happens every year with thousands or probably millions of relationships all over the world. As Valentine’s Day approaches many people in relationships evaluate how things are going between the couple and whether they think things are going well enough to continue on past Valentine’s or end it before as now the pressure is on to show how much you care and if you are just not into the relationship then this is the time of year it becomes more apparent.

You can also have these feelings just before Christmas as well because of the pressure of having to purchase a gift for someone you possibly don’t want a relationship with anymore.

The days leading up to Valentine’s can be extremely stressful for someone whose heart just isn’t quite into the relationship like maybe it once was.

So the question is should you end a relationship just before Valentine’s Day. For me it wouldn’t matter what time of year it was because there is never going to be a good time to give her or him the bad news. It’s like tearing a bandage off that is stuck on really well and the wound is healing and sticking to the bandage. It is going to hurt like a bugger but over time it will feel better again.

Of course there are those people that procrastinate and don’t want to hurt anyone even if it means that they are to suffer living in a relationship that just isn’t working for them. If there are children involved then of course some will take that into consideration as well.

Children are very resilient and can get past anything, they will hurt even if you don’t think they will because children can get attached to adults very easily. Be sensitive to the children’s needs and remember the relationship is not about them and that if you do end things that you might want to keep that communication going with the children even if they are not yours.

If they are yours then of course you will be keeping in touch with them. Some adults walk away from their partner and their kids. Those people should be ashamed of themselves. For the sake of this article let’s assume there are no children involved. Just two adults and things are not working for you.

My answer is if it isn’t working for you then what are you doing wasting your and your partners time by hanging on to something that might get better? So yes definitely end it before Valentine’s before a birthday before you wake up another day stressing over what you should do.

Nike has a great slogan, Just Do it. Take their advice.

If you are concerned about spending a few dollars on someone then obviously they are not that important to you. You can always make more money but you can never get back the time you spend with someone you don’t want to be with.

I am not a relationship expert but have been in many relationships between my 1st and 2nd marriage and many of them I just had to tear that bandage off so to speak and once I realized how important it was to just do it I became much happier even if I was just ending a relationship or wasn’t in one.

Be happy with yourself first and the rest will fall into place eventually. I hope I have helped you in some way.