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Should Rich People Help Poor People?

Should Rich People Help Poor People? : The Two Sides Of The Story
One of the most common arguments that can arise from any society arises from the question, “Should rich people help people?” Yes, there is nothing wrong with helping the poor people but the latter should not be able to abuse all the help of the rich people. Each one has their own opinion regarding this matter. There are several points that you have to consider to be able to decide upon this question. The answers which are yes or no actually have their own reasons why it is appropriate or not for the poor people to be helped by the rich people. Here is the comparison between the two possible answers of this question.

Yes, Rich People Should Help Poor People
This can definitely be one of the most common answers to such question. Many people in the community actually believe that the rich people should help those who are in need. There are actually a lot of rich people who are philanthropists and are very much willing to help those who need them especially in matters of money.

Most people think that rich people should help poor people because it is their way of being able to share at least a small part of what they have to those who are in need. These rich people have been blessed by too much of their needs that is the reason why they are very much willing to share it to the people. Aside from this, one of the main reasons why rich people should help poor people is the fact the former have all the resources and the means to provide help. Of course, you will not be able to help if you don’t have adequate resources. Many people would definitely like to help others but the problem will always be lack of financial resources primarily money.

No Man Is An Island
This can be very much related to the saying that “No man is an island.” This means that man could not exist without one another. Once in a while, we would always need the help of someone in solving our problems. In times of deep need, no one could be able to help you except your fellowmen as well which proves that rich people should definitely help poor people.

No, The Rich People Should Not Help The Poor People
This is the other side of the answer to the question about the rich people helping the poor people. Though most may answer the above question with a yes, some people will actually say no. This is because helping the poor people may lead to abuse. Some people believe that the poor people, instead of simply asking financial support from the rich people, should work for a living. They should not just simply beg out on the streets but they should also work for themselves as well because most of them are actually strong enough to have their own job.

Too Much Help Can Lead To Abuse And Dependency
After examining these points, it is now for you to decide about which argument is more appropriate nowadays. Is it a yes, for the rich people to help poor people or a no because the poor people are still strong enough to work for their own living? There is actually nothing wrong for the poor people to ask help from the rich people just as long as they would not abuse it. The reason why some people may not agree for the rich people to help poor people is the fact that dependency on the help given can be possible. If you are a part of the poor population and you are lucky enough to be able to receive help from the rich people, you should be able to put that in good use and even use such help to start a living for yourself. You have to remember that the rich people will not always there to support with all your needs that is why you need to have a source of income of your own.

Pick Your Side: Is It A Yes or A No?
These are just some of the points regarding the argument on whether the rich people should help poor people. It is definitely up to you decide what is your belief regarding this matter. You have your own decision in choosing the right answer for the question “Should Rich People Help Poor People?”

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