Should we always shake hands or not?

Shaking hands is what people do when meeting new people. However they are reason why people may not want to shake hands. Some people have injuries to their hand, arthritis, or afraid of germs. How do you avoid shaking hands without being rude?

Women tend to shake more gently, so personally I don’t mind. Sometime I find out that was not true after a painful handshake. The person did squeeze extra hard or try to hurt me, but I have Rheumatoid Arthritis which make my hand sensitive. A firm handshake makes my hand throb for the next half hour.

To get out of shaking hands excuses are needed to not offend the other person. There really seems to be only two options to avoid shaking hands.

Be honest

Tell the person why you don’t want to shake hands. Flat out tell them you don’t want to be rude but because of such and such you rather not shake hands.

Give a white lie

If the reason to not shake hands could be considered a little rude, give a little white lie instead. A person my have hurt feelings if you tell them you don’t want to have their germs, instead tell them you have a sore or injured hand.

Avoid shaking hand may still upset some people or even cause problems in the business world. The only other option would be to tell the person to be gentle or use hand sanitizer right after words, both which can still be award.

There are many cultures that don’t shake hands, instead they bow. In America hand shaking is the common way to greet but just because shaking hands should be forced upon people either. The main problem is will not shaking offend the other person or will they understand?

I’m still not sure if not shaking hands is really OK. However unless it is for a job or a promotion, it is better to avoid the hand shaking it is bothersome and/or causes pain. However, allowing the other person to understanding why you do not want to shake hands with an explanation should help so they don’t get offended.