Should You Buy a Gift Card as a Present?

Should You Buy a Gift Card as a Present?

Not sure what to whether to buy a gift card or give cash as a present? Here are some of the good and bad points of gift cards to help you make up your mind.

The Good Things

Some people feel that a gift card shows more thought and effort than just giving cash. Opening up a greeting card and finding a gift card can be a great and still personal surprise. Yet it provides similar choices to giving cash. As although a person will need to buy from a specific store they still have the chance to choose their own present. A gift card is also a good choice if you do not know the person’s interests or tastes very well which can make it very difficult to buy the right gift.

Should You Buy a Gift Card as a Present?There are a large variety of gift cards to choose from so you can find the perfect one. They are available for specific stores (like a book store) as well as more general stores (such as department stores). You can also get them for experiences like a day of pampering at a spa.

The Bad Things

Gift cards can come with rules attached. So make sure you check the conditions that go with the gift card (such as expiry dates and if there are any fees). Also make sure that it can be used with cash otherwise not all the money you have put on the gift card will be used.

Finally, cash does not expire and you can spend it anywhere but it may feel a bit impersonal for some people and may not be appropriate for someone you do not know well. The important thing is to go with what you think will work best for the person you are buying for. And remember, regardless of whether you decide to get a gift card or plain cash presentation is still important. You can place the gift card or cash in a nice greeting card with a personal message just to give it some added flair.

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