News Should You Choose an Optical Mouse or Laser?

Should You Choose an Optical Mouse or Laser?


This article presents you the right information if you are planning to get a new mouse. Currently, we have two types of mice available in the market: laser and optical. If you are confused, which mouse to buy, then the article will help you decide which one to buy.

Although, the mouse is one of the most important input devices for computers, yet users usually don’t put very high budget for it. However, if you are willing to avail pleasant experience with your computer, then apart from going for a high-end laptop and operating system, it is also equally important not to ignore the hardware. With the advancing technology, even computer mice have got a lot of better. Currently, there are two options available for you in the market: laser mouse and optical mouse.

Read below to know about the features and other important aspects of laser as well as optical mouse in brief. However, note that laser mouse is expensive as compared to the optical one, but does it worth the extra cost?

Defining Optical Mice

It captures the reflection of a low-powered LED light and tracks the movement on a flat surface. Optical mice have optoelectronic sensors that function as small cameras. These cameras capture multiple low-resolution pictures of the surfaces over which the mice sit. When you move the mouse, the surface changes and the processor inside the mice track that change by noticing the changes in the images. As per the changes of the mice, the processor updates the position of the mouse cursor on the screen. All these happen so fast that for the user, the movement of the mouse and the mouse cursor appear to be simultaneous.

The images captured by the sensors are of very small size and low resolution. Thus, the mouse doesn’t need to use too much of battery power. If you look under your mouse, you will be able to see the sensors in form of red or blue light.

Laser Mouse

Laser mice also work in a similar way, just that they use laser light to track the movement of the flat surface underneath the mice. As they use laser, so instead of emitting actual light, they emit infra-red radio waves. The added advantage of laser mice is that they are more precise and accurate at tracking the change as they capture higher resolutions images, leading to the higher amount of accuracy when using the device.

Advantages of Optical over Laser Mice

• Optical mice are cheaper mouse as compared to the laser counterparts. You can get one even at $5. Otherwise, the price ranges between $15-20. However, laser mice are expensive as even the lowest one will cost $50.
• Optical mice usually get less affected by the surface underneath them as compared to laser ones
• They can easily facilitate the day-to-day computing needs of most of the people
Advantages of Laser over Optical mice
• As compared to the optical ones, laser models are more precise at tracking motion on slick surfaces.
• Optical models are not very precise at clicking surface images and also the pictures are of low resolution
• Laser mice are extremely accurate boasting resolutions from 1600 to 8200 dpi and thus are helpful in high-precision jobs like photo editing

The Verdict

If you are looking for a computer mouse to do high precision work like photo/ video editing, then Laser models are the best option for you. You must take advantage of technology by buying these highly accurate mice. But if you are buying a mouse for regular work and also looking for a cheaper mouse then go for optical models, you won’t regret as it will serve your purpose much efficiently without burning your pocket. But if budget is not a limitation for you and you want the latest and an advanced mouse, then choose a laser mouse.

Should You Choose an Optical Mouse or Laser?
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