News Should You Get Your Nutrition from Food or Vitamins

Should You Get Your Nutrition from Food or Vitamins


When my children were younger, they had a number of health problems. Some of them, undoubtedly, were a result of my poor eating habits when I was pregnant. I pretty much stuck to the Standard American Diet, proven beyond a doubt to be nutritionally deficient.

Although I didn’t mean to hurt my babies, growing in my womb, I shudder to think how my ignorance might have affected them.

Anyway, they were pretty sickly infants and toddlers. They caught nearly every cold they were exposed to, which usually turned into a stubborn secondary infection. Their health didn’t improve until we started eating healthier.

Still, we had a ways to go. My children still looked pale and they still caught a lot of colds. Only now, if we attacked them with a homeopathic remedy, they didn’t need antibiotics to clear up those nasty ear infections. At least we were making progress.

A breakthrough came when we met a new homeopath. ‘Get your kids off those vitamins,’ she insisted. ‘They need to get their vitamins from their food.’

So I listened. Because we were eating better, it didn’t take long to see a big difference. They both began to thrive and to gain more weight when we quit these artificial vitamins.

I’ve since learned that anything other than a whole food supplement is made in a laboratory. These man-made creations are not what our body needs. Because you can’t replicate something made by God, they are not perfect nutrients. Right now, the only supplement I give my children is camu camu, an Amazonian fruit that contains a lot of natural Vitamin C.

I’ve also seen other people make the same mistake of trying to treat health problems with a host of supplements with active ingredients synthesized in a laboratory. These products often contain unhealthy fillers as well. All of this means that your body must work hard to get rid of what’s not natural, and what doesn’t belong.

This is a lesson I’ve learned the hard way, trying everything in my power to help my children grow strong and healthy.

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Should You Get Your Nutrition from Food or Vitamins

Should You Get Your Nutrition from Food or Vitamins
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