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Should you Pay Someone to Write your Resume or CV?

Why it is important to make this investment in your career

Unless you are a Professional Resume Writer or Human Resources Professional, it is best that you pay someone to write your resume for you. With all of the resume writing software out there, including your basic MS Word program, many wonder if they need to have their resumes written by a resume writing professional. However, writing a resume is not as simple as listing your job on a page. Maybe yesterday, but certainly not with today’s advanced applicant screening technology.

Yes, Hire A Resume Writer!

Today’s job market is too competitive for you to leave your chance of being selected for at least an interview to chance. The ATS or Applicant Tracking Software used to select candidates for interviews is extremely sophisticated and chooses applications based on certain criterion set by the recruiter or recruiting agency.

What Should I Expect From A Professional Resume Writer?
A professional resume writer should listen to where you want to go with your career search and translate those desires into a professionally written resume document. Your new resume should not just be a regurgitation of your out dated resume. It should incorporate certain elements needed to catch the attention of the most sophisticated Applicant Tracking Software.

How Much Do Professional Resume Writers Cost?
Professionally written resumes usually go anywhere from $75 all the way up to $5,000 depending on the package your want and your level of experience. Entry level applicants-those just entering the job market will obviously have less experience and less to convey than a C-Level executive who runs aspects of corporations. Your resume IS your marketing tool, so you should not skimp on it. Your resume should also be written for specific jobs and so should your cover letter. General resumes usually do not get a second glance. Your prospective employer wants to know why you should be considered for THAT particular position. You may want to have two versions of your resume; 1) a general resume to send out to multiple companies, and 2) a job specific resume that you use to apply to certain types of positions or a specific job. All of these go into the cost of your resume. So don’t be alarmed, you can pay a lot for your resume, but consider it an investment. Look for coupons from established companies with certified resume writers if you can’t afford hundreds of dollars to get a resume make-over.

What if I’m not Satisfied with My End Product?
Any resume writing service that you retain, should have either unlimited revisions or at the very least, 2 revisions. You should be able to speak directly to the person writing your resume either by email or via telephone. If you are not satisfied with your product, your resume writer should work with you until you are. If the resume company you contract with does not offer this service, don’t use them!

How Do I Make Amendments after the Completed Resume?
Your Professional Resume Writer should give you instructions on how to edit your document. If you change careers or industries, you may need a new resume; however, your resume should be completely editable in a Word document. You should always keep a copy of the original resume on a disk, flash drive or on your desktop so you can always go back to the starting point if the graphics

Professional Resume Sample

Marketing Director

International Sales |Global Acquisitions

Result-driven, professional Marketing Director with over 10 years of experience impacting the bottom-line and exceeding very aggressive sales metrics.

Areas of Knowledge & Expertise

*Aggressive Sales Leadership

*Global Sales Director

*Multi-Million Dollar Acquisitions

*Team Leadership & Training

*Human Resources Management

*Budgeting & Finance/Cost Control

*Brand Management

Professional Experience

Meteor International, Smallville,KS 1993-Present

Director of Marketing

As a dedicated international Brand Ambassador; controlled $1.2 Billion dollar marketing budget manage all global acquisitions.

Key Achievements

*Spearheaded the launch of multi-million dollar product line. Created, tested, marketed and supervised successful launch.

*Oversaw, developed and fashioned company’s brand identity on the international market, raising revenue into the billions.

*Directed process improvement and overhaul of online marketing campaign, which includes email and social networking websites, saving close to $2 million dollars in expenses and generating over $10 million dollars in revenue in the first year of its overhaul.

*Motivated, taught, trained and managed a team of sales professionals and trained them to be the company’s top Sales Associates. Members of this team consistently ranked top Sales Associates every year and awarded prizes for their remarkable achievements in sales.

*Collaborated with Senior Executives on marketing and sales efforts in new international expansions in India, China, Europe, Canada, and Malaysia. Directed all marketing campaigns and increased revenue by nearly 30 % newly expanded markets utilization effective marketing campaigns.


Master of Science in Marketing, Smallville University, Smallville KS, 2001

Professional Affiliations

Current Member: Sales and Marketing Executives International


The sample resume I created above, is only a brief outline of what you resume should look like as a professional, minus the design, graphics and personalization. A new grad or a C-Level resume, will have a whole different look and feel, so your Professional Resume Writer should know how to present your skills and accomplishments properly-this is why you should always be able to have personal contact with whomever is writing your resume. You should make this solid investment in your career; everyone who is actively working or looking for employment, should have an updated, professionally written resume at the ready-it is an absolute must!

About the Author:

Sophia Johnson has been a Professional Writer for over 20 years, and a Professional Resume Writer for over 10. She also holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

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